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Teaching in Japan is considered a middle-class profession, and teachers are paid well. Following WWII, over concerns about teacher shortages, the Prime Minister decreed that teachers would be paid 30% more than other civil servants. Although this gap has decreased over the last 50 years, teachers are still among the highest-paid civil servants, with a beginner teacher paid the same as a new engineer. A junior secondary school teacher with minimum education made a starting salary of $27,996 in 2009. At the top of the scale, in 2009, the same teacher could expect to make $62,442. Teachers’ salaries are lower than the OECD average ($31,687) at the bottom of the scale, and higher at both the mid-point and at the top, where the OECD average is $51,317.

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An individual can become certified to be a teacher after graduating from one of many teacher education programs in Japan. These programs are based in either junior colleges or universities; a teacher’s level of certification is based on the amount of education an individual receives prior to becoming a teacher. The lowest level of certification is temporary, valid for 15 years, and available to graduates of a junior college teaching program. The highest, or “advanced level,” certification is available to teacher candidates who hold master’s degrees. The vast majority of Japanese teachers hold at least a bachelor’s degree. In addition to the three levels of certification available to teachers, there are three types of certificates available at each level – a general, or non-subject-specific certificate; a subject-specific certificate; and a special subject certificate for non-academic fields such as music or the arts.

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Ratio of Lower Secondary Teachers’ Salary to GDP per Capita (2014) Source: OECD Education at a Glance 2016 (Teacher Salaries) and OECD (GDP per capita)

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80-85% of the population in UAE consists of expats. With large numbers of new schools becoming operational in UAE to cater to the needs of all these different nationalities, there is an immense demand for international educators for all these schools. A recent study by Deloitte revealed that UAE needs to hire around 57,000 educators by 2015 to fill the current manpower gap in education sector. To meet their requirements of experienced and qualified teachers, schools are trying to attract and recruit the best of educators from around the world. In a bid to retain such qualified staff, schools also invest in their professional development and training.

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(4) The provisions of subdivisions (1) to (3), inclusive, of this subsection shall not apply to a school described in said subdivisions if (A) such school consists of a single grade level, or (B) such school is under the jurisdiction of a local or regional board of education that has adopted a similar school governance council model on or before July 1, 2011, that consists of parents, teachers from each grade level or subject area, administrators and paraprofessionals and such school governance council model is being administered at such school at the time such school is so identified as in need of improvement or so designated as a low achieving school.

_____Obtain required recommendations/signature(s) and return to the Teacher Education Office by next Monday.

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