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Set up in honor of three Michigan teachers who refused to pay union fees (and were consequently fired for refusing to do so) , this scholarship is for both undergraduates and graduates who have pursued or are pursuing a degree in education at an accredited and publicly funded institution. Approval is dependent on the applicant having a teaching license, or pending acceptance of said license. You will be expected to write a mini essay on the subject of voluntary unionism and the problems of compulsory unionism. The fund will go directly to the education establishment upon approval. For further criteria and to apply, .

Your search returned over 400 essays for "good teacher"

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Mostly, because, well, teaching ESL is a real job.

Instead of impressing your teacher, try to write solid essays. Try to define "quality" as something that is not dependent on the teacher. Set a goal for yourself to write an essay of the highest "quality" that you are capable of, and then when you are done, discuss with your peers, parents and teachers what you did.

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The importance of middle school should not be underestimated. This is where children will begin to understand their academic strengths and weaknesses. A middle school teacher's job is to encourage and aid them to make the best of their strengths and weaknesses. Here they will develop social skills as well as begin the basics of subjects they will go on to study in greater depth at high school. Becoming a middle school teacher is an honorable choice.

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The most effective teachers develop the ability to make changes to lessons or activities on the fly because of an unforeseen situation or problem. Maybe a piece of equipment failed or an unexpected change in the schedule happens mid-day. The school environment is filled with events that are often out of your control and it works best if you can change with it.

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“I think that teaching is the best job in the world! Even though many teachers complain about how much is demanded from them, I wouldn't want to be anything else. Teaching is such a rewarding job because you get to make a difference in children's lives and help guide them to make the right choices in life.”
Wanting desperately to teach online, because I do not like people, and kids! OMG

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Really depends on the job, especially the type of school you’re working for. When I worked in the Japanese high school and the Brazilian private school, I didn’t have any take home work really. I was expected to plan lessons and grade small things like tests or journals, but I could usually do this easily in the hour before or after class. Working at the university, I definitely bring home a lot more work, especially because I teach a lot of essay writing and research writing, which takes a lot longer to grade and I usually can’t get it done while I’m at work.


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The international organization dedicated to helping learners to become fluent in English, and allowing teachers to expand their career in teaching English as a second language, have several scholarships and grants available. Some are dedicated to teaching and others are more for researching teaching methods. The Ruth Crymes TESOL Fellowship, for example, is a $1500 fellowship awarded to one member every year researching classroom application. Applicants must be a member of TESOL Intl, should produce a statement and brief essay in support of their application; fellowship is awarded on the basis of financial need and project merit. Deadline is 1st November every year. For more details and to apply, visit the . Other TESOL Intl scholarships .

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In order to teach, it is important to understand what you're teaching and be able to adequately relay that to students. It's a two-fold situation that requires knowledge of the subject and the skill of a good communicator.