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I went to a large high school in a smallish town in north west Tasmania in the 1970s. My favourite teacher from this time taught me Social Science in 1976, when I was in Grade 10. I'm guessing, but I reckon she was in her late 20s at the time. One of the great things about public education then was that most graduate teachers had been recipients of bonded studentships which paid them at university and then posted them to schools all over Tasmania, so schools had an even chance of receiving talented younger teachers to their staff, most of whom wouldn't have been "locals" and the kids in the schools in small towns really benefited from the injection of "new blood" and the perspectives of people who had lived in other places. My favourite teacher was a bit different in that she had taught at a couple of other schools before coming back to her home town to teach us. Social Science was the sort of subject that could easily become a wishy washy, busy work subject involving "projects" and posters with colourful headings and content shamelessly lifted from the Encyclopaedia Brittanica, although it was best if it wasn't because it provided a basis from which one could launch into matriculation History and Geography. Our class in Grade 10 found out very early on that with Chris Rowe as our teacher, there'd be fewer coloured pencils (actually, there weren't any), no plagiarism, not one single project with headings and lots of essays posing questions that tested our analysis of Third World Development issues, Chinese revolutionary politics and the motivation of Wartime leaders. Mrs Rowe expected us to read widely and consider issues that extended beyond the coverage of the local newspaper or commercial radio station and she made listening to AM compulsory homework. She also strongly suggested we invest on a thesaurus if we wanted to enrich our prose. In lots of ways she rocked our whole lives as our families stretched themselves to accommodate her challenges. Chris Rowe was a girl from Ulverstone, but she didn't fit small town boundaries, talked about her travels through Asia, assumed that we'd all continue with our education and demanded that we lift our game in preparation for the HSC. I think that for the girls in the class in particular, she provided a role model that inspired many of us to look beyond where we had before and she sent us off to year 11 with confidence that we could hold our own amongst kids from many other schools. Although she left to have her first child after 2 terms of that year, her influence stuck with us. We were a little bit in awe of her; we wanted to do well because she expected us to. Chris continued to teach until retirement only last year. I know for sure that there would be hundreds of people who'd concur with my assessment of her as an exceptional educator indeed.

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