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One of the most depressing features to teaching the Faith in a typical Catholic high school is the reality that most of the faculty are not enthusiastic, orthodox Catholics. They sit in the meetings with the Diocesan brass who make nice speeches, saying that “All teachers in our Catholic schools are religion teachers”. But the sad fact is that this is a throwaway line- no one takes it seriously. Some teachers are not Catholic, so they obviously don’t celebrate a Eucharist-centered spirituality. Some will dutifully sit through the school Masses, some will stand in the back and chat with other disinterested teachers if they have a big enough venue. This is bad enough, but you should not be too surprised that a non-Catholic is not too-interested in Catholic worship or theology in general. The real kicker is the professed Catholic teacher who has deep reservations about the Faith, and is even in relative or obvious dissent on important Catholic doctrines- all-male priesthood, contraception, premarital sex, divorce, homosexuality, even abortion are common hot button teachings where dissent is common. The rule-of-thumb to try to address this embarrassment is to try and prevent all teachers from being religion teachers. You see teachers are like everyone else- they don’t like being hypocrites in teaching one thing and living and believing something else entirely.

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With a common goal in mind and having worked together for a number of years, Fr Williams and Fr Beyer, together with fellow Anglican priest Fr John Lisle, realised that they were drawn to the Catholic Church and its teachings. In March 1968, Fr Williams, together with Fr Beyer, was received into the Catholic Church and on 19 October 1969, the two men were ordained as among the first married Catholic Priests by then Archbishop Lancelot Goody. Fr John Lisle followed shortly after.

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Almighty God doesn’t do easy. He said so. You did the right thing but, because of the abusers of power in that school, the students are all the poorer and spiritually starved of the quality nourishment you were giving your students that those who should be doing the same were palming them off with junk food!
Unfortunately for me, being part the generation that was mugged of the treasures of Holy Mother Church by the so-called ”Spirit of Vatican II” – it took me until fairly recently to discover that I, and many millions of near middle-aged Catholics, have been mugged, assaulted, insulted, burgled, lied to and ripped off by those who were on other vaporous spirits that are definitely NOT Vatican II. I was brought up to respect priests, nuns, bishops etc. I read the Penny Catechism when I was six, having found it at home with other books including prayer books from pre-Vatican II. Your account of the nun who knew nothing about what the Church actually teaches in Vatican II is not on her own. Full of fluff and less substance than marshmallows.
I am angry. I am very angry. I try as much as I can to channel that anger into doing something about this anger: righteous anger – not that I wish to punch the lights out of those wanton criminals in the church who vandalised our Faith. Don’t think I’ve not been tempted, though.

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My prayers to our brave Catholic Teacher.

Indeed, the longest of all documents on Catholic education is itself devoted entirely to the role that religious have played and should continue to play in Catholic schools. Although all teachers are called to model Christ for their students, male and female religious live a commitment to poverty, chastity, and obedience that makes them a powerful countercultural witness for contemporary youth.

53% of lay religious teachers believe Catholics can have an abortion and remaina good Catholic.

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In a Catholic school, the teacher actually plays a more important role in transmitting the Faith to students than even subject matter or methodology. The teachers are the ones who fill a school with the Christian spirit and make it truly a Catholic school. In order to set this tone, Catholic school teachers are called to a sanctity of the highest order. The nobility of the task to which they're called demands that – in imitation of Christ, the only Teacher – they carry the Christian message not only by word but also by action.

Christ, the founder of the Catholic Church, only has the authority from Him to correctly teach on faith and morals.

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Catholics who believe in traditional teaching need to organize. Articles are written, hands are wrung, everyone boo hoo hoos but nothing is done. If there is a war you need to decide which side you are on, action needs to be taken. The media is betraying the trust of the American people. Big money and people with power are aligned against us. Many are already in the field fighting and sustaining injury! Why do we stand idly by? This is so frustrating I want to scream. God give me strength! L