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An effective teacher would be aware of any restrictions or special needs of their students to ensure that all students would be able to participate and gain knowledge from the lesson without feeling alienated. In this example having print-outs of the slides and a transcript of the video, which would ensure that the students would be able to have access to the knowledge and join in on follow up activities and discussions. The lesson plan attached in Appendix A shows a lesson that is designed in…

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Characteristics Of An Effective Teacher Essay

A fourth reason why SEF are widely used may be the belief that the university is a business andthat the responsibility of any business is to satisfy the customer. Whether they measure teachingeffectiveness or not, SEF are probably a highly accurate measure of student satisfaction (and thecustomer is always right, isn't he?). However, even if we agree to view the university as abusiness, the preceding line of thought rests upon a confusion about the product the universityprovides. Regardless of what they may themselves think at times, students do not come to collegefor entertainment; if they did, they might just as well watch MTV for four years and put that ontheir resumes. Students come to college for a diploma. A diploma is a certification by theinstitution that one has completed a course of study and thereby been college-educated. But thatwill mean nothing unless the college or university can maintain intellectual standards. Aparticular student may be happy to receive an easy A without having to work or learn much, but acollege that makes a policy of providing such a product will find its diplomas decreasing invalue.

Characteristics of an effective teacher essay

A degree in education isn’t the only way to become a teacher, though many of those interested in the field mistakenly believe it is. Contrary to this common misconception, you can become a teacher with pretty much any degree, so long as it’s supplemented with whatever additional training requirements your state holds. An education degree is perfectly fine, of course, but in many cases it may be better to pursue a degree in the area that you want to teach. This way you have the education and in many cases the experience you need to effective teach your students about that particular subject.

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You should know the course material. If students are required to attend lectures and read assignments, then it seems reasonable that you would do the same. Most faculty expect graduate TAs to attend lectures, especially if they have never taken or taught the course. Review key concepts and ideas if you are unclear about them, particularly if it has been a while since you have worked with the topics you will be teaching. Think about how the material can be most effectively demonstrated and design a strategy. Write an outline or take notes to follow during a lecture, and prepare your overheads, diagrams, handouts and other aids well in advance. Don't wait until the morning of the class!

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Planning and preparation is another key characteristic that effective teacher have and which sets them apart from the rest. The school day for the teacher does not begin and end when the school bell rings and many hours after or before school are spent by the teacher planning what is to be taught in the following lesson, term or semester, taking into account the Australian Curriculum and the needs of the students in the class. A teacher's ability to organize, plan and demonstrate time management in class has a direct correlation to the prevention of time management problems and enhances the learning experience of the students through the effective use of instructional time (Eggen & Kauchak, 2009). To be an effective teacher means that organization and preparation is vital as teachers are required to think clearly and logically, be punctual and make decisions which may influence the outcome of a particular lesson. Their planning and preparation ensures that their lesson is both mentally and visually stimulating for individual and group work. This is evidenced in Appendix 1 through the Introduction/Motivation and in the main body of the lesson where students are initially in a group situation but are then moved to an individual situation for individual work. Students who excel are also given an opportunity to learn further as they sit in a group working on different and harder problems. Evidence from the video (Evans, 2010) shows that the teacher was prepared for the lesson with all the relevant content and materials required available straight away.

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Teachers impact our learning, our development, and may even make a difference in what we become. How does one become the kind of effective teacher that truly makes a difference in the lives of students? What is the effective teacher? What does the effective teacher do? What and how does the effective teacher think? These are the questions we as teachers often asked ourselves. According to Katz (1993), effectiveness as a teacher stems from a combination of knowledge, skills and personal characteristics. To be an effective teacher there are more than just teaching the syllabus to the students. An effective teacher is one who runs an effective classroom, and touches the lives of children. An efficient teacher is one who knows what they are doing and does the right thing consistently. All of the developmental psychologists agree that effective teachers encourage through consistent use of positive words, actions and facial expressions teachers provide students the hope to keep striving to learn and grow. They also agree effective teachers ask probing questions to challenge accuracy and completeness of thinking in a way that moves students towards their ultimate goal.