Ten Characteristics of a Good Teacher

Characteristics of a Good Language Learner Nagyn� Gulyas Erna Second Language Acquisition Tutor: Sank� GyulaDL 3rd year 2004-01-08 The aim of this essay is to collect the characteristics of a good language learner. Before I start to list these qualities, I would like to tell that teachers who do not meet such a student during their career should not be disappointed; they rather have to discover that there is some kind of a positive feature in every student. Some of the students are good at writing in the foreign language, they know the grammatical rules and apply them correctly, but face many problems when they have to apply this knowledge orally. Other students are the opposite of this character; they have difficulties when they write on the target language, because in these cases accuracy is more important than fluency. They speak consciously, because they are aware of the fact that fluency is more important in speaking and the smaller grammatical mistakes are forgivable. It should be mentioned here that self-consciousness is one of the most important characteristic a good language learner should have.

Characteristics of a Good Teacher

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I do not want to interrupt my concentration by worrying about what might be bothering the teacher. Nor do I want a teacher who sustains himself through ridicule or sarcasm, playing havoc with the emotions of his students and thereby blocking any learning/acquisition that might take place. Conclusion The qualities that I have discussed can be separated into four areas—(1) affective characteristics, (2) skills, (3) classroom management techniques, and (4) academic knowledge: Affective characteristics enthusiasm encouragement humor interest in the student availability mental healt Skills creativity challenge Classroom Management pace fairness Academic Knowledge grammar A teacher’s effectiveness depends on his demonstration of the affective characteristics. These are inborn in some of us, but they are also within the grasp of most teachers. Most of us want to be encouraging, enthusiastic, and available, but we just have to be reminded once in a while. The classroom management techniques of peace and fairness are often overlooked, but they can be crucial to effective teaching.

Characteristics of a Good Teacher Essay Examples

Scope and Limitation of the Study- Present study has the utility in formulating theoretical review, organizational input for participatory and empirical investigation examining the differentials impact of good teaching in the higher education in India. The study will help to identify the research gap in proposed area. By doing this study, the researcher can participate in the global debate of educational improvement and students’ academic achievement from the viewpoint of a developing country.
Since the proposed study will focus on the characteristics of good teachers in engineering education in India, there are other domain which have the same emphasis but they are not covered under this study due to broad area of proposed study,time,fund and in order to achieve even and specialized responses from a particular domain.

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Characteristics of Good teachers in Engineering education in India
Assuring and enhancing the quality of teaching and learning is currently of major concern. It is widely known and accepted fact that the teaching has a great impact on the learning processes of the student. Recent research suggest that all teacher thinks they are good teachers(Prince 2006),however that not all student think every college teacher is a good teacher. It is universally accepted that the teacher is the most important component of education (Sikora1997).Varies and Beijaard (1999) state that good teaching is effective teaching, that is, teaching that leads to high student achievement. The question “What makes a good teacher?” is just about the most important in education. . . .We do know some of the answers to the question . . . and our most urgent objective should be to establish the conditions under which the best existing practice can be spread more widely. (Lord Boyle, Introduction to Kemble 1971, pp.9, 11).

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A teacher should possess certain qualities, which will help him elicit the best from his students and enjoy a rewarding career. Read about a few characteristics of good teachers.

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The teachers' task is to be aware of these facts and apply them when planning the lesson. As Sinclair suggests (1989), a good language learner is always self-critical which means that he or she estimates his/herself continuously and follow his or her advance. They should be curious and tolerant; he or she is interested in how language works, and he or she easily accepts the difference between the first and second language, ambiguity and uncertainty. As Sinclair (1989) goes on listing the characteristics of a language learner he also says, that he or she should be willing to make experiments, willing to try different learning methods and new activities to find the one that fits him or her the best. He also states that a good language learner is able to organize the time for language learning and is able to make the best of the opportunities to use the language (Sinclair 1989). As a consequence, I would like to state that, even the fact that the essay is about the qualities of a good language learner; we should not handle it as a recipe. I do not think that we are able to find someone among our students who fits the whole list. Unless seeking for the very best learner we should discover the worth in every student.