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ROTH develops arguments, showing that there are forms of knowledge produced and available strictly in practice that are therefore unavailable to those who do not engage in practice. These forms of knowledge concern the production of tools that aid teachers in their work, in the here and now, where there is no time for reflection, for dealing with continually emerging unexpected events. These forms of knowledge are not acquired in theoretical readings, or in the study of prescriptions, but in facing the real conditions of work, and it differentiates an experienced teacher from a beginner. The author calls it "Spielraum." []

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The perception of the issues involved in the temporality of teaching consists in the elemental question that drives the author's work. Once he articulated the multiplicity of the temporal dimension, ROTH shows us how it works in and on practice. Subsequently, in the second part of the book, he describes some consequences of his proposals in showing how it is possible to take advantage of them in the formation of new teachers. ROTH also assumes improvement as inherent in the profession, and by this he shows how teachers can help one another to understand more about practice by acting as well as reflecting together. []

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Future research needs to identify the resources teachers' use in seeking the potential of each built attractor, and to explain how professionals handle those resources before, during, and after the events in the classroom. Such work would contribute to creating better understanding about what to include in teacher training, including how the needs of a professional can be connected to social changes. []
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dy for the exams. Naturally they did not like my course because they put nothing into it. Besides, how can students judge good teaching, and anyhow, what do they know? Anyone can get good student evaluations by lowering their standards, being popular, and by pandering to the masses." Good teachers tend to discount the positive evaluations, however numerous they may be; less-good teachers tend to discount the negative evaluations, however numerous they may be. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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This review essay actually began as an essay. Because ROTH's book gave me many opportunities to rethink my experiences, I was reading ROTH's works and taking notes on how I became an educator and a teacher. Then, knowing my great interest in the book, ROTH challenged me to write this review. I therefore translated my Portuguese notes into English, and sent the draft to the author. ROTH took my text and assisted me in transforming it, sometimes by rewriting a section, sometimes by completing passages without ever changing what I wanted to express even when I was critical. Therefore I consider this text as a dialogue and I am glad to have had the opportunity to share some ideas with the author.