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Rickrolling Student Sairam Gudiseva Hides Rick Astley Song L

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The year was 1925. I was just a child of about four years old and free to roam the surroundings of my parents' shop-and-dwelling in the heart of Melbourne.

One morning, a red-headed woman got my attention and said: "I've got a lovely dolly for you". Come over to the park across the road and I'll get it for you. Things were a lot simpler in those days so I just went off with her. First of all she took my shoes which were nice black leather then she took my lovely woolen dress and put them in her bag. Mum always dressed me in good quality clothes so she got some damned nice threads. She said: "Come with me and we're going to find the dolly" then took me through the back of the park and up to her flat in Errol St, North Melbourne. She didn't have any food in the place. She needed money: half a crown; two bob; whatever she could get for them - and she was going to get it using my clothes. We were there for a few hours but I didn't leave the room. As I looked around, pictures showed she was once wealthy, with friends down at the seaside.

When she decided to get rid of me, she took me to Errol St, on the hill where you look down and said: "Do you see all those kids there? I want you to go down and join them". The kids were all lining up to go in after lunch and I turned up. A very bossy boy - all of one year older than me - was in charge: "Do what you're told or I'll smack ya". He ordered all the kids to line up. The drum started so everybody marched in to class. I marched with the group I was with. I couldn't tell them my name; I had no language. Fancy not being able to tell anybody your bloody name! Three or four teachers discussed what to do with me and the head teacher, a very nice older lady, who was in charge of all the bubs, said: "I'll take her; she'll stay with me for the afternoon". We spent the afternoon together sitting on the floor, playing with wooden bricks and blocks and things. The school decided they'd keep me until the end of the day, thinking that someone - an older brother or sister - would eventually come to collect me. I passed my time there until evening came on but no one showed up. It was getting late and everyone wanted to go home but they were left with me. That nice teacher who'd been looking after me said to the rest of the staff: "Don't worry. You all go home. I'll look after her". She got her hat, coat and bag then trotted me off to the local police station.

The policeman was nice; he'd obviously had a wife and family. When he was ready, he took me to his house. His wife had three or four other little ones so I joined them. She fed me - first time all day - then got me ready for bed with her children. Meanwhile, mum was out of her mind and went to Russell St police station. No one knew what had happened. Grandfather had all his friends up here and they were all looking; wondering what to do and where to go to find me. My father

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Student "Rick Rolls" Physics Teacher by hiding Rick Astley song ..
May 15, 2007 · Video embedded · As long as trolls are still trolling, the Rick will never stop rolling

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15/05/2007 · Video embedded · As long as trolls are still trolling, the Rick will never stop rolling

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Student 'Rick Rolls' his physics teacher by making quantum physics essay spell out Rick Astley song lyric … ***Important for Language Arts*** all …

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