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My first displeasure is their rigidity. They constantly proclaim their up-to-dateness, yet are still forcing the Elizabethean episodes. And it would be foolish to try to ship an incomplete sentence past them; they have a special sixth sense that consistently bags them. Then, after the customary scowl, you’re in for a long dry lecture on mid-Victorian English. Now this is either because you look like a mid-Victorian (poor soul!) or your English teacher is one.

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Short Essay on My Favorite Teacher Mili Though he teaches us English and Mathematics, he has knowledge in almost all subjects He never hankers after cheap popularity nor does he ever preach one practice which he himself cannot practice.

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My English teacher Rena Keynan in Holon. Each lesson was interesting and full of surprises. Many students of her became english teachers thanks to her. She is simply ADORABLE!!!

In your English class, you have recently had a discussion about relationships. Now your teacher has asked you to write an essay.

Introduction: Mr. Johnson is my favorite teacher. He is our English teacher. He is an M.A. in English. I love him, respect him and like him best. He has left a

Gail Anderson was my grade 9 English teacher. She was one of those hippy types but she treated us with respect and cared about each one of us. Actually, we guys had a crush on her too. She took the time to really teach us literature and how to write. I will always remember how she would write meaningful comments and suggestions for writing, organizing and presenting better work. We always wanted to please her and in the end pleased ourselves. She made a difference in our lives. She shaped our destiny and gave us confidence. That is why I teach today.

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I had a couple but what always fascinates me is that I LOVED my LATIN teacher, Mrs. White. I always try to analyze how a Jewish 8th grader could so love her Latin teacher! She was beautiful but stern (she, obviously, came from Catholic schools) and made us memorize the millions of forms in Latin and we did it, happily! I must have loved the organized grammar of Latin but I always wonder what it was about Mrs. White...I can't even locate her with a name like that...I don't know her first name although I once saw her again when we were both buying shoes for our children at a shoestore in Rochester, NY, before our Aliya in 1978...hic haec hoc. And veni vidi vici!
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An essay on My Favourite Teacher A child idolizes his teachers more than anyone else in his life My Favourite Teachers Favorite teachers Hi! My name is Nur Nadiah Nabilah bt Jainuddin 1 Pages 2 Views Cite This Document.

A letter to my creative writing teacher (formerly my sophomore English teacher) on my first day of my final semester of high school.

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The best teacher I ever had was my eighth grade science teacher, Mr. Jack Herr. He was the funniest person i had ever known in my life, every class was fun and i actually learned stuff about science. He was the one person who really understood me and he changed my life dramatically and i forever thank him for that. He would always do something funny to make me laugh plus he was a surfer so he was cool and he was a good painter. But soon the year ended and this was his last year at my school he was moving to Switzerland and the last thing I ever got from him was a CD that he made for me. I miss him so much and he is the best person I know and the best teacher ever.

How to write killer intros to comparative essays. The structure was made by my wonderful English teacher who went to Cambridge!

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On the first day of my last semester of high school, our creative writing class was tasked with writing a letter to our teacher – who also happened to be my sophomore English teacher – outlining our expectations of the class. Here is that letter, complete with the teacher’s notes, followed by a transcript with her comments in bold: