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The people who hold the education to our future and its on coming generation should be millionaires. Why is it that movie stars or athletes earn way more money than teachers? Teachers seem to be the lowest paid professionals who need a degree to do their job. Educators play a vital role in our economy and society. Teachers are the backbone of our civilization, without them society will destabilize. In this essay I will be discussing why teachers are of great importance to our society. I will also be discussing why teachers deserve a higher pay than what they are earning now; and finally my last stand will be why educators should

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I will include a previous informational essay that you have created for me. That paper was teachers salaries as well. However, this paper now needs to be an ARGUMENT essay as to why teachers should get paid more. I think they should get paid more and that their salaries are unfair. Also I am from Louisiana of that helps with your research. If you can please include a good bit from the other paper I will attach that would be great!

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AN ESSAY is always written for the essay on why teachers should be paid more teacher. If it is not, feel free to skip this. September 2004 …
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Susan’s school also has a mandatory mentoring program for new teachers

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