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In the literature about teacher education in western countries, it is stated that altruistic and intrinsic motives have been the very reasons in choosing teaching as a career (Ewing and Manuel ; Goh and Atputhasamy ; Hayes ; Kyriacou and Coulthard ; Kyriacou et al. ; Ling Low et al. ; Manuel ; Priyadharshini and Robinson-Pant ; Reid and Caudwell ; Spear et al. ; Yong ). According to Bastick (), pre-service teachers in developed societies choose teaching with altruistic and intrinsic motives, but in underdeveloped and developing societies, most teachers choose it based on extrinsic motives. However, Sinclair () stated that young people are motivated to teach not by only one motive but by many reasons such as working conditions, being in service to people, appropriateness to personality, salary, social status and prestige, appointment, etc. It can, then, be said that pre-service teachers could choose teaching by being motivated by many different reasons to some extent according to the socioeconomic well-being of their societies. As seen from the findings, it is less likely to generalize over only one motive because of the closeness of the statistical data of the three motivation types for career choice. It can, then, be said that Turkish pre-service teachers have chosen teaching as a career by being motivated, to a certain extent, by extrinsic, altruistic, and intrinsic motives. This case supports the view of Sinclair. However, percentages for extrinsic and altruistic motives are higher than those for intrinsic motives. This result supports the view of Bastick (). In many studies carried out in developing countries, Bastick found that extrinsic and altruistic motivations of pre-service teachers were more dominant than intrinsic motivation to choose teaching as a career. The current findings also support the findings of many related studies in developing countries (Çermik et al. ; Yaakob ), that is, these studies demonstrated that pre-service teachers generally chose teaching generally with extrinsic and altruistic motives. For instance, Çermik et al. () found that pre-service classroom teachers in Turkey chose the profession with extrinsic motives. It can, then, be stated that pre-service teachers in developing societies choose teaching as a career with altruistic motives with reference to the divinity of teaching in itself, but they also take into account the prestige and social status of the profession in their societies such as high level of income, good working conditions, etc. The current findings show that Turkish pre-service teachers are motivated to teach with altruistic motives, such as loving the Turkish language, wanting to teach it to others, and being in service to people, and extrinsic motives, such as working conditions and the social status of the profession in Turkey.

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the career motivations of pre-service teachers in Turkey who have chosen teaching as a career. To contextualize the notion of career motivation, the participants were asked about their reasons for deciding to teach, career perceptions, and major expectations from teaching.

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There are some encouraging signs that the system is gradually moving in the right direction. Teaching schools are a welcome addition to the education landscape by ensuring that clusters of schools can develop specialist leaders of education, focus on research and development, carry out collaborative professional development, identify untapped talent and potential and find more opportunities for progression within a large and more flexible alliance.

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