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The down side to this idea is that teachers tend to educate towards the test as opposed to the kids learning the information. In using a merit system for most businesses, you have to factor in is this meaningful to employees. This means that businesses should be providing merit pay that has fair incentives with competitive pay. Merit Pay has been tested as a very effective way for employees to produce results. There are also many pros and cons for having a merit pay system. Some of the pros of the merit system are that it promotes healthy competition between mployees and motivation to produce results.

Essay on merit pay for teachers

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Essay On Merit Pay For Teachers

If one observes an effective educational institution in operation, one will notice those institutions that are highly rated are essentially partnerships between various educators with various teaching styles and personalities teaming together to impartwisdom on young minds primed for educational molding. The general concept behind merit pay systems makes this type of partnership unattainable. In an article published in Education Week Kim Marshall stated that “When individuals are rewarded, collaboration suffers”.

Free Example of Narrative Sample essay on Merit Pay for teachers

In the Christian Science Monitor Reg Weaver stated merit pay systems would warrant “an adherence to some type of evaluative standard “ This means that teacher evaluations would consists mainly of the scores from designated standardized tests. This would cause for teacher evaluators to either lessen the consideration of the intangibles a teacher possess or eliminate their consideration altogether. Intangibles such as how a teacher motivates and relates to students, and their command and control of subject matter being taught cannot be measured solely by standardized tests scores.

Essays On Merit Pay For Teachers

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Although their point is valid it should be ignored due to its oversights. Merit pay systems would severely undermine the teamwork essential to effective education. The concept of merit pay creates situations where teachers can “piggyback” their ways to higher salaries. “Equal pay and equal treatment are fair only if individuals are equal in their effort and their contribution’ says Frederick M. Hess. Merit pay systems create unhealthy competition between educators which shouldbe working together to ensure that the best possible educational is being given to every student.
Essay on merit pay for teachers

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One cannot determine who would receive merit pay. There are many different views on each side of this constant debate. Some say there is a simple way and others strongly disagree with that. In the article "Pay that Accounts for Test Scores: Two Views" Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers expressed her feelings about performance pay. When it comes to decisions about individual pay, she said, no system fairly isolates the effects of teaching from other factors that influence student performance on tests (Khadaroo, 2009). She is right, teachers should encourage student achievements because they want too, not because teachers are being bribed by money to better themselves. According to Ms. Weingarten, in the article "Pay that Accounts for Test Scores: Two Views," test score analysis should be offered to TEACHER PERFORMANCE AND MERIT PAY 4

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Merit pay has a lot to do with the motivation of teachers. High motivation afterwards leads to a high level of professional performance. The situation in the educational sphere is very instable due to the constant decline of the general student achievement. No one states that the salaried around $42,000 that the teachers get are unbelievably small. There is even more to add on the grounds of the U.S. Department of Education statistics: “teacher salaries have increased steadily over the past 20 years, while student achievement has steadily declined”[3].

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Teacher merit pay systems have been the most popular suggestions made to remedy the problems seen with the current pay scale. Although the current pay scale may not be completely effective, the idea of teacher merit pay systems should be removed for the debate. Teacher merit pay systems fail to be effective solutions to the issues credited to teacher pay scales. Teacher merit pay systems undermine team work essential to effective education, limit the scope and effectiveness of teacher evaluations, and cripple schools abilities to create successful learning environments.