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My art teacher has gotten the hate out of everyone in my class and the next. even the girls. And she picks on me in my class and 2 boys in the next. Before 1 boy in that class lost it and shouted at her and got in school sunspension. t=Today I lost it and shoutedb at her too. Please help me learn how to respect her.

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You should respect your teacher because you would want them to respect you,wouldn’t you?

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Respecting students is essential for boosting teacher effectiveness. It seems today that the media jumps at every opportunity to showcase an educator who has made a poor decision in judgment. One of the most prevalent issues highlighted is that of a teacher continuously berating or disrespecting a student or group of students. This type of behavior is unacceptable. All educators expect their to them, but some fail to realize that this is a two-way street.

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Now, if they didn’t care, do you think they would have spent all that money just to teach? You should respect your teachers because they want you to succeed. After all, your generation is our future.

can you please send me a short essay on HOW TO RESPECT THE TEACHERS. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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But I still reach into my pocket, show up with a smile and reach out to all 16 students as a teacher, mother, counselor, nurse, financial lender, mentor, and friend. Maybe this is the problem. Maybe if we simply stopped giving someone would listen. But ahhhh, that is the nature of the beast. We who teach do it for the love of the child and the craft. There are no bad teachers. Bad teachers would never survive. But there are tired teachers who are struggling to make things right and not succeeding. I AM ONE OF THOSE TEACHERS, and I honestly do not know how much more stress I can take from what USED to be TEACHING. It is now simply a career in damage control via test scores.

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In the past few years of teaching that I have rarely walked the halls with teachers asking for pats on the … What we are looking for is respect from the world outside our classrooms doors. Everyday I put up with things that are unique and very different from most other careers, and respect is all we want. Listen to those who stand infront of our children and are trying to tell you what we do everyday. The essay speaks for every teacher who is making a difference and trying to attain the academic knowledge the politians and people ask for from us. We aren’t sniffling and many of us are struggling to maintain a career that is failing due to the lack of understanding from parents, politians, and you. Remember the people making the determining factors for teaching were taught in the best private schools inside this country. They haven’t been in a place where your students are scared to go home, they are homeless, hungry, or sleep in the classroom because it is the safest place for them. Remember, we are on the front lines trying to help on more then just one level because we love and care about making a difference for at least one kid in a classroom with 32. Remember you even had a favorite teacher who was there for YOU…

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I fear that Mrs. Miller as an exceptional teacher and dedicated professional is in the minority. That being said, I think that could be said for just about any profession. It’s hard to find truly dedicated people like her and good on her for sticking up for what she believes in. Too bad we don’t have more like here educating our kids. I suspect that perhaps that is why you see much of the sentiment you do regarding this issue. I can remember when Texas implemented the test for teachers (can’t recall now what it was called, TCAT?)that required them to pass literacy and other competency tests. What we found out was that a lot of teachers were not qualified to even be teaching and it eliminated many who would otherwise be responsible for the education of our children. What’s the solution? I don’t know except for maybe praying that more people like Mrs. Miller enter into the education profession and apply the same level of dedication that she does.