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It is essential to effective use of the "teachers observing teachers" strategies that school administrators enable a culture that nurtures a collegial exchange of ideas and promotes a certain level of trust, explained Dennis Sparks, the former executive director of National Staff Development Council which is now known as Learning Forward. That culture is often absent when observation is associated with performance rather than professional growth.

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Essays on observations in the classroom

Teacher observation should be part of a pool of professional development opportunities, Sparks told Education World. One way in which peer observation can be very effective is when teachers acquire new skills or ideas at conferences and then model those new approaches for their colleagues. That is best done through observation, said Sparks, who advocates learning in the school, rather than through "pull-out" training, such as workshops. Professional development should be job-embedded, he emphasized. That is one of the greatest benefits of teachers observing other teachers.

Essays on observations in the classroom

"It's a risky thing to have your professional practice scrutinized by colleagues," said Sparks. "A teacher needs to have some level of trust in [the observer's] motives trust that the purpose of the observation is not to make the teacher look bad or to place blame, but to help."

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A teacher's personal characteristics are also crucial factor in students' development and motivation. Page 1 of 7; Next > Essays Related to observation. 1.

There is no one right approach to teacher observation but, according to Dr. Sally Blake, professor of teacher education at the , teacher observation is most successful when the teacher and observer work together and reflect on the teaching behavior. Teacher observation is least successful when the observer spends hours watching without analysis or dialogue with the teacher. Blake suggested the following sequence of events for effective teachers-observing-teachers programs:

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Teacher observation often has been built into familiar activities, such as mentoring, noted Trish Brasslow, a media specialist and mentor at Fred C. Wescott Junior High School in Westbrook, Maine. "Being a mentor and observing my peers is truly enlightening," Brasslow told Education World. "I see many different learning styles and I love watching student/teacher interactions. I learn a lot about teaching and what makes for a successful teacher."
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Teacher observation is one model of professional learning that "is key to supporting a new vision for professional development," explained Stephanie Hirsh, executive director of . The new vision, according to Hirsh, involves teacher teams that meet daily to study standards, plan joint lessons, examine student work, and solve common problems. Team members then apply that learning in the classroom, watching each other teach and providing regular feedback.

Free child observation papers, essays, and research papers. Essays On Observations In The Classroom

Free observation papers, essays, and research papers

"The professional development that a teacher values depends on what he or she needs at any given time," said Meaney. "Generally," she added, "newcomers report greater value in peer observation than do more experienced teachers."

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Hirsh agrees that there is no single approach to teacher observation, but, says that it is least successful when a peer observes a struggling teacher who doesn't know how to benefit from the process, especially if the observer isn't adept at identifying his or her colleagues' needs. Teacher observation works best when expectations are clear and participants understand how to use and benefit from the process, she added.