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Teachers' Day in Vietnam is celebrated on November 20 every year. Teachers' Day allows Vietnamese students to express their gratitude and respect to their teachers.

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Teacher’s day is a great occasion for celebrating and enjoying the relationship between teachers and students. Now a day, it is celebrated with the big enthusiasm and joy in the schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions by both students and teachers. Teachers are given lots of wishes about long life from their students. In the modern time the celebration strategy of the teacher’s day has been standard. Students become so happy at this day and plan for the way of wishing their favourite teachers. Some students wish their favourite teachers by giving them gifts, greeting cards, pen, diaries, etc. Some students wish their teachers by sending them audio messages, emails, video messages, written messages, through online chat, social media websites like Facebook, twitter, etc. Someone just say “Happy teacher’s day” orally to wish.

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We should realize the necessity and value of our teachers in our lives and celebrate Teachers’ Day every year to pay them homage for great job. Teachers are more than our parents who mold our mind towards success. They become happy and get their success in life only if their dedicated students go ahead and spread teachers name all over the world through his activities. We should follow all good lessons in our life taught by our teachers.

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Teachers day is celebrated as a special event in many countries at different dates. In China, it is celebrated on 10th of September every year. The aim celebrating this event in all countries is generally to pay honor to the teachers and admire all the achievements in the field of education. A huge preparations takes place in the schools and colleges by the students while celebrating this event. A range of students participate in the cultural programs, speech and other activities in order to make this event special and memorable. Some students celebrate this event in their own way by presenting their favorite teachers a colorful flower, teachers day cards, gifts, e-greeting cards, sms, messages, etc to respect and admire them.

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Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan was a great teacher who had spent around 40 years of his life in the teaching profession. He was well known about all the roles and contributions of the teachers in students life. So, he was the first person who thought about teachers and requested his birthday means 5th of September to be celebrated as the Teachers day every year. He was born on 5th of September in 1888 and started his career as a philosophy teacher by entering to the teaching profession at his 21 at Presidency College, Chennai in 1909.