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There are numerous factors that influence achievement in mathematics. Among other factors pupil-teacher relationship and school disciplinary climate (Shin, Lee & Kim, 2011), teacher competence and classroom atmosphere (Lamb, 2001) and assessment methods (Ellerton & Clements, 2008) were found to influence academic achievement. Affective factors such as pupils' values, beliefs, attitudes and emotions are said to play significant roles in learner achievement in mathematics (Grootenboer & Hemmings, 2007). One factor that is highly associated with pupil achievement is the pupils' attitudes towards mathematics. For instance, in Zimbabwe during summative assessment results analysis in teacher development program, mathematics teachers are largely blamed for not fostering positive attitudes towards the subject during instruction (Mandebu, 1996). This blame prompted the present study in order to identify the types of attitudes that influence academic achievement in 'O' Level mathematics in order to provide insight to similar discussions as those in teacher development sessions.

A Teachers Influence on Students essays

A Teachers Influence on Students essaysOne measure of the teacher

How Teachers are a Positive Influence on Students

Teachers should never minimize the role they play in influencing students' lives. Hopefully, that role will be positive, possessing the qualities of a "charismatic adult" who not only touches students' minds but also their spirits -- the way they see and feel about themselves for the rest of their lives. Such influence is truly a rare privilege that should be prized and nurtured.

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Legalistic syllabi and tough policies alone are insufficient ways to rely on for prevention of cheating. Instructional efforts are needed as well. Students are able to understand that honesty is an important indicator of developing maturity. Indeed, maturity cannot materialize without a sense of obligation to treat other people fairly. Adolescents can benefit from periodic discussions about the need to maintain integrity across all sectors of life. They can also be informed of seldom considered damaging effects of cheating, those gaps in knowledge and skills that can adversely affect later success when the foundation of knowledge necessary to understand processes in higher level courses has not been acquired.

Academic dishonesty results in another long-term significant disadvantage. The moral compass students need to guide personal conduct in class and outside of school can be thrown off course. This message is effectively portrayed in "The Emperors Club" (2002), a film that features Kevin Cline. As teacher and assistant principal at St. Benedict's High School for Boys, he motivates students to choose a moral purpose for their lives in addition to selecting occupational goals. The story illustrates how great teachers can have a profound influence on students and how cheating during the teenage years can become a life-long habit. The interactive website for this film includes an interesting quiz on how to define morality at

Educators cannot provide all of the guidance that students require to adopt honesty as a lifestyle. Some parents tell daughters and sons that cheating is a fact of life in the world of work and this has forced them to cheat in order to succeed. When parents act in this way, condoning dishonesty and deception as normative and defensible, it becomes far more difficult for educators to counter the message that prevalence of cheating makes it an acceptable practice. Schools could provide workshops for parents that focus on the range of cheating issues adolescents face and offer agenda questions for discussions at home about honesty, integrity, trust and maturity. In this way, mothers and fathers would be enlisted to sustain their efforts to nurture these valuable attributes in their children. Successful academic performance rooted in honesty enables students to take pride in work that is their own and to make known when tutoring is needed to improve learning (McCabe & Pavela, 2000). Ultimately, the success of individual students depends on positive values they adopt and the level of maturity they are able to attain. These aspects of healthy development warrant greater attention in a society that aspires to provide world leadership.

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In view of the above, the relevance of Parent Teacher Associations to schools could be seen in the material, financial and moral assistance given to school in various communities in the country as highlighted by the following national dailies; Nigerian standard, June 2, 1979 Daily Sketch, February 16, 1979, Sunday Punch, May 11, 1980 and Daily Times May 9, 1980 and so on. Durojaiye (1976) while analyzing the relevance of parent teacher associations stressed that teachers and parents have the most important influence during the critical period of child’s life.

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In Passage I, Ernesto uses dialogue to reveal the positive influence of teachers on students. For example, Ernesto's teacher announced to the class, "Ernesto has learned to pronounce butterfly." This expresses that teachers show a positive influence on students because by announcing that Ernesto can pronounce butterfly shows that his teacher and students are very proud of him and it encourages him to do better. A second reason that teachers are a excellent influence on students is because Ernesto states, "The main reason I was graduated with honors from the first grade was that I had fallen in love with Miss. Ryan." This demonstrates that teachers have a special relationship with their students that allow them to cope with one another. Ernesto uses dialogue to prove the fact that teachers are a positive influence on students.

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Teachers have always been a excellent influence on students

4 Jan 2009 Thanks. Explain why you have listed this individual as a teacher of influence. "A teacher's greatest joy is seeing his/her students Teachers Influence On Students Essay have success.