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This war, unless we are defeated, will wipe out most of theexisting class privileges. There are every day fewer people whowish them to continue. Nor need we fear that as the pattern changeslife in England will lose its peculiar flavour. The new red citiesof Greater London are crude enough, but these things are only therash that accompanies a change. In whatever shape England emergesfrom the war it will be deeply tinged with the characteristics thatI have spoken of earlier. The intellectuals who hope to see itRussianized or Germanized will be disappointed. The gentleness, thehypocrisy, the thoughtlessness, the reverence for law and thehatred of uniforms will remain, along with the suet puddings andthe misty skies. It needs some very great disaster, such asprolonged subjugation by a foreign enemy, to destroy a nationalculture. The Stock Exchange will be pulled down, the horse ploughwill give way to the tractor, the country houses will be turnedinto children's holiday camps, the Eton and Harrow match will beforgotten, but England will still be England, an everlasting animalstretching into the future and the past, and, like all livingthings, having the power to change out of recognition and yetremain the same.

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For example, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Yuko Goto Butler, conducted research on Japanese and Korean students studying English in their native land and found that the most important traits of ESL teachers are a friendly personality, English fluency, cultural knowledge in the English-speaking world, a good command of students’ native language and the ability use technological aids to teach. Another study showed that students in Taiwan expect their English teachers to be welcoming, professional, humanistic and enthusiastic — characteristics unrelated to nationality and English proficiency. Douglas Brown, a distinguished ESL expert, provided a fairly comprehensive list of characteristics of good English teachers, which can be classified into four categories: technical knowledge, pedagogical skills, interpersonal skills and personal qualities.

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Good technical knowledge means understanding the mechanics of the language, such as phonology and grammar. Pedagogical skills include a contextualized approach to language instruction, the ability to stimulate interaction, presentation skills and so on. To be an effective English teacher requires interpersonal skills to engage students through enthusiasm and humor, valuing the opinions and abilities of students, and seeking opportunities to share ideas with students and colleagues. As for personal qualities, good English teachers are flexible when classroom activities go wrong, maintain an inquisitive mind in trying new teaching methods and have goals for professional development. Language teaching is a very complicated art.

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Considering how Heep's general lowness–his servilemanners, dropped aitches and so forth–has been rubbed inthroughout the book, there is not much doubt about the nature ofDickens's feelings. Heep, of course, is playing a villainous part,but even villains have sexual lives; it is the thought of the'pure' Agnes in bed with a man who drops his aitches that reallyrevolts Dickens. But his usual tendency is to treat a man in lovewith a woman who is 'above' him as a joke. It is one of the stockjokes of English literature, from Malvolio onwards. Guppy in BLEAKHOUSE is an example, John Chivery is another, and there is a ratherill-natured treatment of this theme in the 'swarry' in PICKWICKPAPERS. Here Dickens describes the Bath footmen as living a kind offantasy-life, holding dinner-parties in imitation of their'betters' and deluding themselves that their young mistresses arein love with them. This evidently strikes him as very comic. So itis in a way, though one might question whether it is not better fora footman even to have delusions of this kind than simply to accepthis status in the spirit of the catechism.

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In the short run, equality of sacrifice, "war-Communism", iseven more important than radical economic changes. It is verynecessary that industry should be nationalised, but it is moreurgently necessary that such monstrosities as butlers and "privateincomes" should disappear forthwith. Almost certainly the mainreason why the Spanish Republic could keep up the fight for two anda half years against impossible odds was that there were no grosscontrasts of wealth. The people suffered horribly, but they allsuffered alike. When the private soldier had not a cigarette, thegeneral had not one either. Given equality of sacrifice, the moraleof a country like England would probably be unbreakable. But atpresent we have nothing to appeal to except traditional patriotism,which is deeper here than elsewhere, but is not necessarilybottomless. At some point or another you have got to deal with theman who says "I should be no worse off under Hitler". But whatanswer can you give him–that is, what answer that you canexpect him to listen to–while common soldiers risk theirlives for two and sixpence a day, and fat women ride about inRolls-Royce cars, nursing pekineses?

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With all this, the supposed 'glamour' of public-school life isplayed for all it is worth. There is all the usualparaphernalia–lock-up, roll-call, house matches, fagging,prefects, cosy teas round the study fire, etc. etc.–andconstant reference to the 'old school', the 'old grey stones' (bothschools were founded in the early sixteenth century), the 'teamspirit' of the 'Greyfriars men'. As for the snob-appeal, it iscompletely shameless. Each school has a titled boy or two whosetitles are constantly thrust in the reader's face; other boys havethe names of well-known aristocratic families, Talbot, Manners,Lowther. We are for ever being reminded that Gussy is theHonourable Arthur A. D'Arcy, son of Lord Eastwood, that Jack Blakeis heir to 'broad acres', that Hurree Jamset Ram Singh (nicknamedInky) is the Nabob of Bhanipur, that Vernon-Smith's father is amillionaire. Till recently the illustrations in both papers alwaysdepicted the boys in clothes imitated from those of Eton; in thelast few years Greyfriars has changed over to blazers and flanneltrousers, but St Jim's still sticks to the Eton jacket, and Gussysticks to his top-hat. In the school magazine which appears everyweek as part of the MAGNET, Harry Wharton writes an articlediscussing the pocket-money received by the 'fellows in theRemove', and reveals that some of them get as much as five pounds aweek! This kind of thing is a perfectly deliberate incitement towealth-fantasy. And here it is worth noticing a rather curiousfact, and that is that the school story is a thing peculiar toEngland. So far as I know, there are extremely few school storiesin foreign languages. The reason, obviously, is that in Englandeducation is mainly a matter of status. The most definite dividingline between the petite-bourgeoisie and the working class is thatthe former pay for their education, and within the bourgeoisiethere is another unbridgeable gulf between the 'public' school andthe 'private' school. It is quite clear that there are tens andscores of thousands of people to whom every detail of life at a'posh' public school is wildly thrilling and romantic. They happento be outside that mystic world of quadrangles and house-colours,but they can yearn after it, day-dream about it, live mentally init for hours at a stretch. The question is, Who arc these people?Who reads the GEM and MAGNET?