What teachers do you hate and why??

Yes, Chris. It's an argument--a rudimentary one. There is really no point in anyone reading the rest of your essay because you just gave away the whole thing. Also, the logic here is off. It's quite easy to measure if someone is taller, and faster, and stronger. That becomes a statement of fact, not one that can be debated. My intention here is to get teachers and students to think of thesis statements in more sophisticated ways.

So I think she would be about the only teacher I've ever truly hated.

“Wait just a second,” you say as you read this title. “My students don’t hate me.”

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thats life man. i hate most of my classes cause of the teachers and the people, but u know wat, only 4 more months left of skool for me! (one semester)

Five Things Teachers Do that Students Hate

Worst of all, the more intense the pressure gets, the worse we teach. When I had administrators breathing down my neck, the students became a secondary concern. I simply did whatever my assistant principal asked me to do, even when I thought his ideas were crazy. In all honesty, my teaching probably became close to incoherent. One week, my assistant principal wanted me to focus on arranging the students’ desks to fit with class activities, so I moved the desks around every day, just to show that I was a good soldier. I was scared of losing my job, and my students suffered for it.

You hear it a lot – that essay or assignment was hard, I did everything my teacher/lecturer want and yet I only got an average mark.

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Bruce, true enough. It’s also useful to think of emotions as existing in a complex space rather than a straight line, with the volume knob running from indifference to obsession, and half a dozen other knobs determining where you fall in love vs. hate vs. contempt vs. awe vs. all kinds of other emotional reactions you can have.
I hate my english teacher?

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No I disagree with everyone. I dont have simpathy for the teachers anymore because half of them dont care and SHOULD NOT BE TEACHERS. I as a student have this one teacher who doesnt teach. I am a 10th grade student who has college classes and my biology teacher is stricter and the way she teaches is different and way harder than my college course. Now I am a A-B student who works hard,does all my work, comes in for tutoring, asking for help but my teacher doesn't teach me. I have had to go to three other teachers of the same subject to get help and they have probably taught me more and helped me through it than my actual teacher. So in this biology class I had a 84 which is one point from a B so I politely asked just for one simple point so I could have a B instead of a C but being the hard strict stubborn teacher she said no. I once took a test and I will be honest I didnt do to well, but no one can say i didnt study because I did. I used flash cards I went to other teachers to explain and walk me through it and I take all the notes. So seeing my grades later that week and talking to several other students I noticed EVERYONE failed that test. Now what should that say to the teacher "hmm maybe i should reteach that to help out the students" but nope we got nothing in return. Just this one teacher, I have 5 100's in five of my classes. I am a great student. I do all my work and more. I am always ontime, but this teacher is beyond my control and I so despriately want to send a hate note to her or even going to the principal. I even went to the counciler to get a class change. but after so long I gave up and I told her that and said I gave up on her and her class.

I know this because my students hated me for many years. Some loathed me and begged their counselor to move them out of my class.

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Lots of interesting insights here, Mark!
I am sure some of my students have hated me, at least for a while. Fortunately, because I am a tutor I have the advantage of being able to get to know each student a little better than in a traditional setting, perhaps.
I am constantly reassessing my approach and, hopefully making improvement.
I do (gasp from some I know) have expectations from my students also. I always let them know that I am working, studying, and trying to improve just as I expect them to. (AKA – I don’t have all the answers- lol.)

Sometimes I feel that if I am not available 24 hours my students will indeed hate me .. am I not human as well?

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Very clever. It seems to me that we take some emotions (love, happiness) and assign them as good and other ones (sadness, hate) and assign them as bad. We then try to medicate them away or will them away, rather than just realizing it is a emotion, and will invariably pass.