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That said, given all the support in the world, even the best teacher can’t force his students to learn. Students aren’t simply passive vessels, waiting to absorb information from their teachers and regurgitate it through high-stakes assessments. They make choices about what they will and won’t learn. I know I did. When I was a teenager, I often stayed up way too late, talking with friends, listening to music or playing video games. Did this affect my performance on tests? Undoubtedly. Were my teachers responsible for these choices? No.

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Diane: I agree 100% that people tend to focus on the tool instead of the student benefits. Weren’t Smartboards supposed to save education? I think teachers need to be learners and keep up with the latest research and collaborate on how to implement best practices from the research. At the same time, teachers need to be suspect of technology-driven solutions. Teachers need to remember that technology products and textbooks are sold to make a profit and not necessarily improve education.

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I love the way you think and how you’ve transformed your classroom to address what matters most……students and their learning. I share the same teaching philosophies as you but am still trying to discover the best way to facilitate this in my classroom. Thanks for your thoughts and ideas!
i’d love to know more about how you assess students during this process.

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