A very good good essay on my class teacher. I really like this.

l was so happy when l watched your english lesson ,i am english teacher at primary school school from kurdistan of iraq,however my english is not so well but l will try to improve english in here,because you are a perfect teacher as l have seen in my life ,becaues you are native , l hope you can put alot of eng lesson in here for us to watch,,,GOD BLESS YOU my new teacher

Thank you… Ronnie you are my favorite teacher.

her my favorite teacher, because she had motivation, enthusiasm and confidence in

i wish that your were my english teacher in my homeland.

“When I resigned as Director of the Heritage Project, I faced a choice: whether to go back into school administration or back into the classroom. The only job I ended up applying for is the teaching job I have now. I love spending my time thinking about the things that really matter by re-reading great literature daily, and it’s impossible not to love young people. Trying to show them the best ways into life — what else is there?”
– Michael Umphrey, English Teacher, Flathead Indian Reservation, Montana

Ronnie, I love you!!! You are my favorite teacher!

Hello, Valen. I’m a teacher of English in a comprehensive school. I use your excelent lessons in my classes to practice listening and speaking. Thank you very much. Can you prepare one more on reported speach, please.

Mrs. Cabrera is my favorite teacher, she motivate me to learn and taught me how

There are about 35 teachers in my school, but I like my English teacher, Mrs

hi ma’m im very lucky to have a grat teacher like you. i really want to improve my english . i need somebody who answer me at that time while a question rise in my mind . so there somebody who can b in toucha any time. i’ll b very thanks full if any one will b there for me. my acount is thanks again..

169 Words Essay for kids on my favorite teacher

hi Valen, how do you do …i’m Ajie, Indonesian student at INDRAPRASTA PGRI UNIVERSITY, jakarta
it is so great to learn what you’re teaching… you r totally a great teacher, i catch a lot from your words.. come to my city please and teach us how to speak English well,..the students here should be happy to spend our 24/7 to study with you…… add me to be one of your friend @ FB please……tq a lot.

Best friend an essay my favorite teacher.

hello mam this is my first class I really like your teaching my english is not good i cannot speak english with confident i feel hesitate when i speak front of someone please help i want to learn more from you………..Rajeev
My favorite teacher was my English literature teacher. He started out as

Essay Writing About My Favourite Teacher

ok. it’s real to know skill about english.
thank you very much teacher
for the first i see your website. and i wanna share about teaching english effectively for the student in my country.
and nice to see u


Our school English teacher is my favorite teacher.

Dear Valen,
You are also a great teacher, I really like your way of teaching and your pronunciation. But alas, i have poor skill in English ,after watching your lessons i hope overcome to improve in English fluently very well as soon as possible .
i Hope you help me for a long time in my emails , my email id

Thank u a lot teacherit was very useful ..i wish that u will always lend me a hand to improve my english …. is that work??thank u

essay writing about my favourite teacher essay ..

for an english exercice my teacher want to i see you video but i don’t understand one expression:
like the back of my hand…
can i’ve got any information,