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Yvonne Kleining was my year 2 teacher at Manning Primary in the early 80s. She celebrated all our achievements but especially any of us kids who were doing it tough. I remember she took one student to the zoo on the weekend because she stopped biting her nails until they bled. I can still recall her excitement when I managed to do a page of handwriting neatly! And Irene Baldock also from Manning Primary. She was my year 7 teacher. She taught me about the world. She gave me a continuing appreciation of the importance of current affairs and doing kind things for people in need. She broadened my world. I hope these 2 inspirational ladies get to read this and know that they helped shape me for who I am today... also a teacher and I try to model all of these important traits.

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My favourite teacher would have to be Mr Miller, my music teacher through highschool.

I've had a few great teachers at university and throughout my school that have made a real impact on the way I think and act in the world but Mr Miller made the deepest impact on how I live my day to day life.

I was in the first year 8 class that Mr Miller taught at my Highschool. When I started music was an unimportant periphery at the school, by the time I finished year 12 the music department had become one of the most important faculties in the school.

Miller was incredibly unorthodox and could be difficult to get along with. I can't remember any music theory that we learnt in 5 years of education but I can remember how to sing an islander song about cockroaches and how to strap on a guitar so the lead won't fall out when you step on it.

He taught us discipline when rehearsing, how to listen in detail to music and how to perform as professional musicians, he encouraged us to play in cafes and restaurants and organise our own paid gigs.

When I was going in to year 11 or 10, riddled with doubt about my own ability, I was thinking about quitting music. Mr Miller took me aside and we talked about it. He treated me as an adult and helped me to appreciate my ability as a musician and a person.
Playing music has lead to the entire friendship group that I have today, and I largely have him to thank for that.

Yes he could be unreasonable, yes he could be unpredictable and yes he could be unprofessional (in year 12 we almost didn't complete a large proportion of the required components because he didn't check the current requirements properly, we had to look them up ourselves and we corrected him just in time) but I wouldn't swap the experience I gained for a conventional musical education in a million years.

You can see the impact that he has made as you look around the Adelaide music scene and see a high proportion of students from Mr Millers class

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I have a few favourites but among the most memorable was my VCE Biology Teacher, David Alexander (Dave) who taught me in 1991/92. What made Dave great was that he had an amazing sense of humour and used his humour to inspire us to enjoy biology. I will never forget his impression of a molecule as he jiggled around the room smacking into desks and creating such laughter. On the day of my yr 12 biology exam we were nervously lined up and ready to go into the examination room when Dave walked towards us and said "did everyone remember their calculators?". For a second we lost our lunch and then burst into fits of laughter. He put things in perspective and there's something infectious about being able to do that through humour. I wasn't his strongest student by a long shot, he'd probably be surprised to hear that I did a science degree with first class honours! Thanks for the opportunity to thank him, life's too short not to have a daily belly laugh.

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My son's current Grade 1 teacher, Mrs Seff, is amazing. My son has ASD (aspergers) and from the start she has gone out of her way to help him and accommodate him in every way possible. She didn't know much about ASD at first, so she travelled 2 hrs to an all day conference with me to learn. And attended several other educational sessions and meetings as well. Every single morning she comes in early to help him run through his daily check in before all the other kids come in. When he went through a hard time she would come out and talk to me personally every day until we got through it. He thinks of her as his school 'mum' and loves her to bits! Every child in her class loves her and hugs her and you can just see what a difference she makes. In school holidays she misses the kids so much she even came to one child's birthday party just so she could say hi to all the kids she was missing. This beautiful lady is so caring and genuine in her love of teaching and helping children she deserves the highest praise and sets a benchmark for all primary school teachers. We would like to thank her so much for all her help and care - Star

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I was really blessed to have Soenke Biermann as a teacher and adviser for three semesters of my undergraduate studies through the American school Long Island University Global College. What amazes me about Soenke is his ability to put students up against some really uncomfortable topics in incredibly compassionate and effective ways. He is the kind of teacher that not only shows up and lectures passionately, but is regularly changing students' lives and outlooks with what he is teaching, embodying, and questioning. Through the transformations he facilitates in his students we become empowered, passionate, responsible, and active citizens. So truly he is not only changing us as individuals, but he is also changing society as a whole. It is in this way that Soenke showed me the profound impact teachers have the potential to make.
Since having him as a teacher my life has been set on a path that I don't know I would have found without the experiences he facilitated and asked us to reflect upon. His unique style of teaching (such as the semester-long course he taught entirely outdoors titled 'Encountering Australia's Environment') and ability to engage students in discussion ensured that so long as we were willing to reflect deep enough, we would not only learn from him, but also from ourselves and our peers. In the course he taught titled 'Culture, Place, and Identity in Australia' I began a process of self-reflection that I am still on today, proving that the lessons Soenke instilled in me are the kind that keep evolving.
The spaces of experiential learning that Soenke created for us were wonderfully engaging and challenging. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of them and for how much of his life he dedicates to ensuring those spaces are the best they can be for all involved.

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I grew up in rural Kenya.
I joined form one in 1982, and the turbulence of adolescence had taken hold of me at the expense of my studies. Then along came Mr Erastus Mworia, my history teacher and school headmaster, he was strict and smacking was not uncommon. He was quick to notice my decline and he 'shirtfronted' me and said these words which I remember to this day "you are a gifted student, you will go far if you stop doing what you are doing - focus on your studies, I will not stand by and see you lost". There was incredible rage in his eyes, but it was the first time ever anyone had said I was gifted. I replayed his words and mended my ways. I have had a successful career in health and I teach in a University, I have lived in Australia for 14 years and I owe a lot of what I have become to him.
More importantly, I catch up with my now retired 'favourite' teacher and let him know how he impacted my life. I would suggest to all of us who have such icons still alive to not just write about them, but to make time and communicate this personally.
... and thank you for the opportunity Natasha!