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Rakshana's speech on their school annual day . The topic was "My School". and 1 min speech contents are " Dear Parents,Teachers and Friends,
Today I stand before you to share my experience regarding my school. I regularly go to school to engage in lot of fun activities which is a part of learning. At nursery i have made lot of friends and we play together. We learn new things everyday. My School KIDZEE provides an enriched environment to make we diamonds get polished and twinkle like a star. Thank You"

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Dear Larry,
Thanks for all your posts on TYBTR and Brillkids and for sharing your website! The video of your son is extremely impressive and I am motivated to keep on going with trying to teach my DD. I am looking forward to reading your essay.

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Alana, thanks for your reply! Have you seen yet? I’ve spent most of the last two years developing it. It is a version of the flash card method that I used with my first son, which you can read about in my long essay. It is specifically designed to teach reading by teaching phonics and vocabulary together.

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My Ideal Teacher Essay for std or Class 4 (174 Words) Shri T. K. Roy is an ideal teacher. He is smart and energetic. He is very punctual and regular in his duty.

CACHE (UK) is internationally recognised and we have necessary approvals from the KHDA to offer CACHE in Dubai. These pre-school teacher training courses would be ideal for anyone who is either looking at entering the field of early years education or is looking at enhancing her skills as a nursery or pre-school teacher.

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Teaching Profession Essay out with a 25, 000 salary but you are off for 8 weeks in the summer, then you should take this into account. My Teaching Style Essay.

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Hi, I have read your essay and watched the video several times. I did not know it’s possible to teach some toddlers to read without any pressure so this is quite fascinating for me. My son is only 6 months old at this time. Since I plan to homeschool him at least for the first number of years, and hope to do so without insisting that he sit at a desk for hours each day, your essay was extremely interesting to me. Whether or not he reads at two, I think the early exposure to phonics and words will give him a firm and fun foundation for a lifetime of reading.
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My idea is to compile the translation of your essay and the word lists into one book. Your essay would provide a guide for teaching and using the phonics material to teachers and parents. The book will be accompanied with audio for the words and sentences, or even the videos. Some notes or translation of the certain words will be needed because students can’t make a correct guess at the meaning of all the pictures.

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I just finished reading your essay. What a fantastic resource this is for the world! It has brought up an interesting discussion in my local homeschooling community when I shared the link. I think that you hit the nail on the head when you talk about the two main objections from our culture. The “natural education” idea is so pervasive in the homeschooling community, from the very people you would think could benefit the most from early literacy! Thank you for promoting awareness of this issue so eloquently. Congratulations on teaching your son so well, and on the birth of your new baby.