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I attended Swinburne Senior Secondary College and only finished my final day today. Throughout my two years, my English teacher, Desi, has been the main support and guidance for me and my journey to grow as an individual. Desi has always treated me with the utmost respect and care, taking a great deal of efforts to support me and my writing. Throughout my schooling life, my writing and English skills have always been looked down upon until Desi had become a part of my academic life. Desi has always worked hard to not only help me find confidence in my work but in myself, being the only person to have ever shown me what I am able to achieve and has helped me further to enhance my abilities. We have developed a great friendship; giving me her old clothes, getting together for coffee's and lunch during the school year, taking a great deal of interest in me and my own welfare. Even though I have annoyed her with the inane amount of essays and work completed throughout the year, she would always support me, offering great feedback and care. She has helped me grow into a person that I am proud to be, and have helped in the transition from a person lacking any sort of confidence and self-care, to someone that now appreciates all that I have achieved given the circumstances. She is truly a wonderful person and someone that I aspire to be. Her care is something that is highly appreciated, and I’ve always worked hard to meet her expectations of me. I'm so glad to have not only found an amazing mentor and teacher but a brilliant friend that i hope to keep for years to come.

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I nominate Ann Peers. I believe Ann exemplifies the best of the teaching profession. She changed the course of my life from a country girl with few prospects to a professional educator with a life-long love of learning. Ann was a first year graduate teacher appointed to Casterton High School (Western Victoria)in 1975. Ann taught me English and Geography in my Year 11 (1975) and Year 12 (1976). She was vivacious, energetic, erudite and incredibly knowledgeable and hard-working. Students would submit an essay on Monday and she would have them returned to us on a Tuesday morning - with constructive and supportive criticism. She taught the concept of river systems as a metaphor for life and living. She had a love of literature and the written word that was infectious. I became a teacher because of Ann. I became a poet and a writer because of Ann's love of literature. We still keep in touch after 40 years. She is my mentor; my muse. I never write a poem, a story without remembering her guidance - and her love of Shakespeare. I have worked in the education industry for the last 38 years because of Ann. I'm joining her next month for her son's graduation as a surgeon. I feel incredibly privileged to have shared her life - knowing that she has shaped my own.

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When I was at Canberra High School in the late 1980s there was one teacher we were all afraid of - Mr Nield. He was the deputy principal in charge of discipline and we were all terrified at the mere thought of his wrath.

When I started Year 9 in 1988 I found to my horror that Mr Nield was to be my English teacher. With great trepidation I entered that class room for the first time. Instead of a terrifying bully, we discovered a dedicated, engaging, committed and even funny teacher. His obvious love of teaching and love of the English language was absolutely infectious.

The task of Year 9 was to learn to write persuasive essays. Structure was everything, and this could have been a terribly dry subject, but Mr Nield someone made it thrilling. Once we learnt how to write an essay, we had to apply it to all forms of writing - book reports, creative writing - the skills we learned were applicable to everything.

This amazing teacher set me up for life. My grades in English were always high, with great feedback about the construction of my writing. I ended up studying science and becoming a scientist, but the skills I learned in Year 9 English have significantly improved my ability to succeed in science. I credit Mr Nield for a substantial part of my success in life.

I actually tried to track him down to thank him once, but I never found him. I dearly hope he logs on here to see if something wrote about him!