they teach us. I agree with parents are the best teachers.

Therefore in my opinion, parenst are the best teachers, Even thought we don't study anythign realted to academics which can be gained in any good schools and colleges. But it is always difficult to be a good person in life without learnign good qualities from our parents.

Parents are the best teachers? Do you agree or disagree

In conclusion, from many points of view, parents are the best teachers

I agree with the topic that "parents are the best teachers".

In conclusion, parents might be the good teachers but they are not the best ones. They can’t teach the children strictly, always tend to shape their interests and have the different points of view with their children. Fortunately, we have various teachers during our lives. Therefore, we can learn a lot from them They are also your guid they let you do what you want they also help ypu alot with yur studies and stuff they also...

Are parents always the best teachers?

Parents experience life with their children from the beginning of their lives. Hence, they have taught their children many lessons. They are definitely the first teachers of their children but they are not the best teachers.

When the children become growing, especially in teenage, they don’t accept any advice from parents. In this situation the teachers are best one.

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This article talks about parents wanting their children to have the best of the best, but is it really what is for the best, or what society deems as the "the best" that parents are looking for? Often times, parents fight for their child to have the best teachers, so they can be the highest achiever in the class, which ultimately leads to getting into the top college...

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Like an old saying says” Mom and Dad know best!” well that person was right; they do know best. The best way someone can learn something quickly is with the aid of a parent. Parents are good teachers because they are very patient, understanding and easy to deal with.
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Furthermore, parents always want to bring their students the best education that they could. Obviously, some students may not be given the best education that they deserve because of numerous obstacles. Some famous schools refuse poor students, or high-developed societies discriminate black people. Yet, no parents discourage their students in study if they could afford the tuition fee. Moreover, they are even willing to make their best effort to support their children’s education. Understandably, some teachers teach for money, but all parents do for their love.

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that parents are the best teachers

Nowadays modern society requires people to be educated. And in order to get educated people have to learn new things every day. People study when they are children, when they are young, when they are adults. Process of education is constant. But the most crucial part of education is going on in childhood. Kids need good teachers. And I believe the best ones for them are their parents. Namely parents spend much time together with children, they perfectly know needs of their sons and daughters, nothing saying about they normally concern about them.

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Finally parents are the best teachers as they are easy to deal with. Talking to your parents is easier than talking to your teacher....