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...Professional Development Plan Stephanie Ledford LDR/531 January 18, 2016 VICTOR RAYNERI Professional Development Plan As each class starts, each person in the class is assigned to a learning team. Each week the team could be assigned a weekly project. This could be a difficult chore in the beginning since no one in familiar with each other. Each person has their own personality and ways to do projects, which could be very different from their other teammates. My objective is to complete a professional development plan that will help us work as a team and work towards a common goal. An individual or a team uses a professional development plan so that they have set goals and strategies to achieve the same goal at the end of the period (Multiprofessional Faculty Development, 2012). To help me develop this plan each team member has been asked to take the DISC Assessment. DISC is a personal assessment used to determine behavior types, and how to interpret the behavior (DiSC Profile, n.d.). The DISC assessment has four styles it uses as a determination. They are Cautious (C Style), dominance (D Style), interactive (I Style) and steadiness (S Style). A cautious person is detail orientated, a slow worker and has very high expectations for themselves. A person who is dominance is very goal orientated, need control and must achieve their goals. A interactive person is very enthusiastic, must have acknowledgment and has great people skills. A person who is......

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Many have referred to this dramatic shift as a new image or a new module of teacher education for professional development (Cochran-Smith & Lytle, 2001: Walling & Lewis, 2000). In the past 15 years there have been standards-based movements for reform (Consortium for Policy Research in Education, 1993; Hord, 2004; Kedzior & Fifield, 2004: Sparks, 2002). The key component of this reform effort has been that effective professional development has created a knowledge base that has helped to transform and restructure quality schools (Guskey, 1995; Willis, 2000).

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Much of the available research on professional development involves its relationship to student achievement. Researchers differ on the degree of this relationship. Variables are the school, teacher, student level related to the level of learning within the classroom, parent and community involvement, instructional strategies, classroom management, curriculum design, student background knowledge, and student motivation (Marzano, 2003). Based upon a review of several studies, Marzano (2003) concluded that the professional development activities experienced by teachers have a similar impact on student achievement to those of the aforementioned variables.

7. How can we engage staff through the three phases of professional development: planning, implementation, and evaluation?
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The use of a case study approach has been adopted in this research as it allows an in-depth investigation of the teachers' views of the impact that professional development programs have had or have on their teaching practice Merriam (1998) guaranteed that a research endeavour is an exploratory enquiry that examines a contemporary phenomenon within a genuine context, particularly when the limits between wonder and setting are not obviously evident which prompts a concentrated, all encompassing depiction and investigation of a solitary case, phenomenon or social unit. Also, Bush, (2002); Stark & Torrance, (2005) contended that a research endeavour approach has the capacity to permit portion investigation and cross examination of a movement utilizing assorted routines and information sources. Yin (2009) backed this articulation by illustrating that "a significant quality of a research endeavour is information gathering and the chance to utilize numerous distinctive sources of evidence' (p. 114 -115). The norm for the detailed analysis methodology prompts "a rich portrayal of a phenomenon to speak to it from the members' point of view" (Stark & Torrance, 2005).

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This perspective, in a way, is new to teaching in that professional development and in-service training simply consisted of workshops or short term courses that offered teachers new information on specific aspects of their work (Brookfield, 2005). Champion (2003) posited that regular opportunities and experiences for professional development over the past few years had yielded systematic growth and development in the teaching profession.

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Many of these approaches correlate with the principles of constructivism. Brooks & Brooks put forward five guiding principles of constructivism. These principles include posing problems of relevance, structuring learning around primary concepts and seeking & valuing students’ points of view (Brooks & Brooks, 1999). These similarities suggest to me that the authors of the Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes intend to move teaching in Scotland towards constructivist principles. I believe that building a national curriculum on sound educational theory is a noble cause. Further to this, my reading on constructivism resonates with me and I therefore have a positive outlook regarding the implementation of this curriculum in my classroom. However, I also believe that such a shift in the nature of the guidance issued by LTS generates a number of issues. It is for this reason that I feel that this piece of curriculum reform deserves attention. Although there are many issues surrounding Curriculum for Excellence in terms of implementation and its effects on pupil learning, school organisation and resources; the aim of this essay is to examine the potential impact of this curriculum reform on teaching as a profession. It is therefore necessary to consider the literature surrounding the issue of professions and professionalism to understand the key issues as a teaching professional.