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Unfortunately, I do believe that good teachers are quite rare. I can count on the fingers of one hand the good teachers I had in elementary, secondary, university, and post-graduate studies. When I have the opportunity, I poll my friends and acquaintances with the question, and uniformly, they cite two or three teachers who stood out during their schooling. To me, the interesting question is whether it’s possible to teach someone to be a good teacher or if teaching skills are inborn qualities that some people have and others can’t acquire. At least part of the trick to teaching someone to teach is that the effort is based on the assumption that those who teach aspiring teachers are good teachers. It might be a good subject for another article. Thank you, Jess, for your comment!

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Identifying the qualities of a good teacher in yourself is an important step in deciding to enter the teaching profession. My experience is similar to yours with respect to the number of good teachers I had in school. Remarkably few of them made lasting impressions on me. I’ve had an opportunity to review your website, and I think you’re going to be an excellent teacher. Thank you for reading the article and for taking the time to comment.

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I agree with you that a lack of enthusiasm would make becoming an effective teacher unlikely, and it’s commendable that you recognized that before entering the profession. I do believe, however, that young teachers can acquire many (or perhaps most) of the sixteen qualities of a good teacher that are cited in the piece, if they are engaged with their work and have good mentors. Thank you, Katie, for taking the time to read and reflect upon the article.

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Having recently done a TEFL course with LTTC, I had to answer the question “What are the qualities of a good teacher?” I put off answering this like the plague, because I know jolly well that I have not been a good one! Here are a few of my confessions:A very inspiring article indeed ! Doug’s list of a good teacher’s qualities gives no room to insert a new one, yet I would like to add that a good teacher is that who has the ability to adjust his level of understanding with that of his learners. Understanding and realizing the difficulties of learners putting ourselves in learners’ positions is really something valuable. This helps understand learners’ attitude, potentials, and inhibitions which surely enables a teacher to build a useful rapport with his students, and we do know the value of a good rapport with the students which is a key become a successful teacher.There is no denying that all teachers have their own unique blend of these qualities. It is this uniqueness that ultimately makes a teacher special. Each teacher is different, but virtually every good teacher has some combination of the essential qualities.
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Each of these qualities relates to the entire professional experience of being a teacher. For instance, you can be as cooperative as possible with administrators, , and parents for the good of your students. Building good relationships instills trust within the school system.

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Through all of this, it's important to maintain a joyful and kind spirit. A good attitude can reflect on the mood of the entire classroom and even extend into the school. At times, extreme patience is required, but that is a quality most truly great teachers possess naturally.

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After going through the 16 qualities of a good teacher I have come to realize that teaching should be a call than a profession. If these qualities are applied by all teachers, there services will become much competent and effective.