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When I went to the university in my country, I often asked myself if it was a right choice then. English sometimes seemed to be regarded or treated as the more important language than my native language. I think that is because for our own language, we already know or control it well enough to manage our needs and for English we do not. We, people tend to take what we already have for granted and do not appreciate; and envy others for what they have and we do not have. Or is it just me? However, I often imagined what it would have been like if I had chosen to stay in the US back then. It doesn’t mean that I envied native speakers for fluency and accuracy in their own language. Well, I have fluency and accuracy in my own language. It’s just because English was and is a must-learn language and it takes more time to learn it in EFL situation.

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"If held to the same high and rigorous standards as their peers, the learning curve for English-learners is going to be longer and higher than most of their peers and therefore, the teachers who teach them need to be much better equipped," said Rosa Aronson, the executive director of the Alexandria, Va.-based TESOL group. "What ESL teachers bring to the table is deep understanding of how language is acquired, the importance of teaching academic language, and the cultural issues for students who are English-learners. They are often closer to their students and families than content teachers and can be strong advocates for these students."

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The truth is that English is a useful tool for international communication – potentially a tool for great good in the global future. It got that way through (extremely bloody) historical accident. Pride of place could just as easily have gone to Spanish, French, Arabic or Mandarin Chinese, depending on where history chose to veer off. But it didn’t. That’s where we are now. Perhaps a more useful term for describing the situation would be linguistic Darwinism – this term manages to encompass the brutal fashion in which English came to the fore, without getting into the (essentially pointless) historical recriminations of who did what to whom and how horrible they were. The term also allows us to focus our attention on a rather more important related issue – that of minority languages going extinct. Practical protection of these languages through sponsored development needs to be our priority, rather than soul searching about our promotion of a useful international medium of communication.

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Is there any way that ESL can become Linguistic Imperialism. Perhaps. When we consider some practices that were done (and are still done) when immigrant children are taught English, we can perhaps think of it as Linguistic Imperialism SPEAK ENGLISH!!! You are here to learn English. Do not speak your language! Advice that some teachers give to parents, SPEAK ENGLISH AT HOME! This is when neither parents nor children speak English.. When teaching culture as a necessary ingredient when learning language, are all cultures treated equally? Are all cultures valued and cherished the same? I’m sure that many of us can think of many different examples when ESL IS Linguistic Imperialism.

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...Abstract There are many aspects of classroom management that can add to the enhancement of effective learning in the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) or English as a Second Language (EFL) classroom. The school administration, the students, and the teacher all play an important role, to varying degrees, in creating an environment conducive to creating the proper atmosphere for learning to take place. Respect of the EFL/ESL teacher, by the students, fellow faculty members, and administration staff is one of those aspects. In the realm of respect of the classroom teacher, there are a number of topics that can be discussed. In this paper the discussion will be on the physical appearance of the teacher and how that can help the teacher in establishing classroom management in the English classroom. Keywords: Classroom Management, Effective Learning, English as a Foreign Language Role of Classroom Management in Enhancing Effective Learning of English as a Second or Foreign Language Introduction As a teacher, it is critical to have an appearance of a professional educator (Mikesell, 2007). In Thailand, it is common to hear stories of the Native English Speaker (NES) teacher dressing like an unkempt backpacker, having multi-colored hair, or other such unprofessional appearance. Not exactly the proper attire if the goal is to the respect of the students in the EFL classroom. To be treated like a professional, one should look like a professional. First impressions...