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Preparing for a teaching interview is similar to preparing for any employment interview. Your research and preparation for interview questions will be more specialized, however, and should focus on the particular school to which you are applying, your past education-related experiences and teaching methodology.

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I interviewed a teacher from the Philadelphia School District and here is the result from my interview. I am a teacher in the head start program of Philadelphia .I have been with the head start program for 10yrs. I see children younger than kindergarteners with . I see this problem not only with education but . Children with special problems can learn. You have to know how to deal with children period. Regular children and special educational children all learn. Special educational children know exactly what they’re doing just as well as regular children.

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Typical teacher interview questions for jobs in special education will explore competencies related to classroom management, handling difficult students, the special education strategies and techniques you are familiar with and your ability to motivate and encourage students.

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A 4 page research paper that offers 3 short reflective essays. The first addresses the significance of statements made by teachers relative to inclusion of special education students in the general classroom. The second essay discusses how to respond to scenario in which a 10-year-old student questions why special education students "do not have to take the test." The last essay offers a case study in which the environment is changed to meet the needs of a struggling child. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

When you interview for a special education job, it is likely you'll be asked many of the standard questions that are presented to all teacher candidates.

Before your interview read up on the school district's procedures for determining which students need special education services. Find out what services and resources are available in the school for special needs students.
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Dr. Brooks is an expert on self-esteem, resilience, motivation, and family relationships. He is a clinical psychologist who has worked with special needs children and their families for over 25 years. Dr. Brooks is on the faculty at Harvard Medical School, is author of “The Self-Esteem Teacher,” and stars in the PBS Video, “Look What You've Done! Stories of Hope and Resilience.”

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... the teacher couldn’t ask him to leave the room because he has a right to be in the classroom. FL did not want to hear from the Director, nor probation as to what warrants him being kicked out of class. The Director informed FL that he was going to be suspended for the remainder of the day, and the next two days as well, and that a parent conference was going to be scheduled based on the severity of his behavior. The Director called the parent and informed her of her child’s behavior, and the consequences. SB stated during his interview that FL was actually asking him to let him copy his paper, his work, and SB refused so FL began to threaten SB; other classmates that witnessed the conversation between SB and FL confirmed this. This is not an everyday behavior of FL, so probation did a drug test on him, as they believed he was under the influence of drugs. It turned out he was under the influence of methamphetamines, so he was violated on that and documented his threat to the teacher, and his overall behavior. An IEP was scheduled to revisit the current plan, as the student would be returning back to class in fifteen days. Because Juvenile Hall and Rec are in the same school district FL was not permitted to attend school for the three days of his suspension, his mother protested and felt that her sons IDEA rights were violated, more specifically, his FAPE was in violation as he cannot be denied school, especially because he has a learning disability. The parent also claimed...

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Final thoughts: To succeed in a special education interview, you need to be able to talk-the-talk, understand how to be an advocate for special needs students, fully understand responsibilities associated with the job, and be willing to go above and beyond to meet the unique instructional needs of classified students.