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Read Special Education free essay and over 87, 000 other Sources of stress and professional burnout of teachers of special educational needs in Greece.

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a teacher must teach to an array of students.

Special Needs essaysWhat does it take to be successful when teaching students who have Special needs? It takes patience and professionalism, consistency, caring, and.

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A teacher grab the student, however the special needed student ..

She considers the hardest disability to work with as a special education teacher, the students with autism. Most of such students only think in literal terms, therefore it is very difficult for the students to write on a “what if” topic. It means that, if the students were asked to write about only bringing one thing to the planet Mars, what would it be and explain why, the students would have a difficult time answering that. They would most likely say, “I am not going to Mars and I would not need to bring anything there”. It is really challenging teaching students with autism how to be successful writers. Anyway, she has admitted that they have success with formatting and organizing essays, but the content is usually weak.

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should be a special education teacher.

This Essay aims to discuss the range of special educational needs in mainstream primary schools, analysing appropriate teaching and learning strategies to support.