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Applicants can check the status of Teacher References by logging into Slideroom even after submitting your application. You can still correct incorrect email addresses and/or resend the email to your teacher yourself. If they are still not receiving the email,

The Math and Science Teachers will answer questions about your class performance and teamwork. If you are not sure which math and science teachers to ask, read the answer to this question on our FAQ page: .

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Answer Part I: As the 5th grade science teacher at a Title I school, I faced the daunting goal of preparing students for the state’s first mandated science exam. Challenges included classroom management, negative perceptions, unfamiliarity with subject matter, and a limited time frame. In order to grow professionally and proactively affect positive growth in the community, I assumed multiple responsibilities such as volunteering as a Girl Scout Leader; Nursing Home Volunteer; Children’s Programming Coordinator; and participating in a yearlong science educator professional development series. Nevertheless, my goal was important for our school and students.

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1. Have expert knowledge of the disciplines they will teach and can use various strategies, including media and technology, for creating learning experiences that make the subject matter accessible and meaningful to all students.
2. Understand how children and adolescents learn and develop in a variety of school, family and community contexts, and can provide learning opportunities that support their students’ intellectual, social, and personal development.
3. Understand the practice of culturally responsive teaching. They understand that children bring varied talents, strengths, and perspectives to learning; have skills for learning about the diverse students they teach; and use knowledge of students and their lives to design and carry out instruction that builds on students’ individual and cultural strengths.
4. Plan instruction based upon knowledge of subject matter, students, families, communities, and curriculum goals and standards; and taking into account issues of class, gender, race, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, age, and special needs in designing instruction.
5. Understand critical thinking and problem solving, and create learning experiences that promote the development of students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills and dispositions.
6. Understand principles of democracy and plan and carry out instruction that promotes democratic values and communication in the classroom.
7. Understand and use multiple forms of assessment to promote the intellectual, social, and physical development of learners and to inform instruction.
8. Create a community in the classroom that is nurturing, caring, safe, and conducive to learning.
9. Are reflective practitioners who continually inquire into the nature of teaching and learning, reflect on their own learning and professional practice, evaluate the effects of their choices and actions on others, and seek out opportunities to grow professionally.
10. Build relationships with school colleagues, families, and agencies in the community to support students’ learning and well-being, and work to foster an appreciation of diversity among students and colleagues.
11. Possess the literacy skills associated with an educated person; can speak and write English fluently and communicate clearly.
12. Develop dispositions expected of professional educators. These include belief in the potential of schools to promote social justice; passion for teaching; and commitment to ensuring equal learning opportunities for every student, critical reflection, inquiry, critical thinking, and life-long learning, the ethical and enculturating responsibilities of educators, and serving as agents of change and stewards of best practice.

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