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While learning how to make their own arguments, many students can become discouraged and without proper support may decide just to quit altogether. One only has to look at the fantastic drop-out rate after first and second years to see this born out. Granted, that there are many other reasons for student drop-out’s, but it can be assumed that poor morale may have something to do with it. Dr. Later tries to ensure that when she grades a paper that at least half of the comments that she makes are positive. Even if she has to go back over the paper again to find nice things to say.

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Teachers use many different types of marking styles and comments when they mark a paper. The variety and use of these styles and comments can make understanding a paper very confusing for a student that has several different teachers and courses. Even within a discipline there is no one set of rules or standards for marking a paper. While the type of course can determine the values that a paper is marked on, the comments that a teacher gives have no such boundaries.

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The comments that a teacher gives determines the future work of a student. If one item in particular is paid attention to then the student will probably concentrate on that problem for the next paper. If a problem is not noted then the student will miss out on having a chance to fix the problem in later papers. Knowing how teachers use comments and the format that they are used in can provide a student with an invaluable tool. A tool that can allow the student to decipher the ideas that the teacher is trying to put across.

7. Teachers appreciate not having to write the same comments on each essay. For repeated errors, teachers simply highlight the text.

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Report card comments for kindergarten to high school students main purpose is to illustrate what the student has excelled in and how they can improve their grades for next term. It is important teachers highlight the student’s strengths before writing about how they can improve. All students have strengths academically and socially. A student, who struggles with reading but tries everyday, demonstrates great effort and determination in learning a new skill. A student who is disruptive may be more than willing to hold doors for other students. Teachers need to document all of the student’s achievements. Student’s who are told one great thing about himself is more willing to stray from their negative achievements.
An overview of strategies for giving constructive commentary that will help students improve their writing.

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The following sets of teacher comments are taken from a book I co-authored with Ronald F. Lunsford, (Hampton 1995), a study of the ways that well-recognized compositionists respond to student writing. Below you'll find a hypothetical classroom context, including an assignment calling for a summary-response essay, a column advocating that we consider legalizing recreational drugs like marijuana and cocaine, a sample student paper that responds to this column, and then seven sets of sample teacher comments: three sets of marginal comments with short end notes (by Anne Gere, Edward White, and Jane Peterson); three separate letters to the student writer, without marginal comments (by Peter Elbow, Ben McClelland, and Patti Stock); and a tape-recorded response by Chris Anson. As in the book project, the sample comments here are designed to invite reflection on the prinicples, methods, and goals of teacher response.

Thanks for commenting, Mrs. Aloha and fellow white rhino. It's an easy trap for teachers. It's tough keeping up with longer essays.

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This resource brings together some of the best advice available about responding to student writing—whether you are teaching a writing intensive course at the introductory or advanced level, or simply assigning an essay or two over the term. It offers a compilation of methods that facilitate success in responding to student writing—in individual conferences, class discussions, and written comments on papers.

3. The essay e-comments provide a common language of writing instruction and discourse for teachers and students.

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