Teachers must be skilled communicators.

Teachers should also understand the use of body language such as gestures, eye contact and paralanguage as means to communicate with students. And finally, behavior management without corpral punishment must be given consideration. Most people believe that classroom discipline lies in the role of verbal communication and corporal punishment. However, the role of nonverbal communication has been proven more effective. (Charles, C. M. 2002). By using body language such as facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, and physical proximity, students’ misbehaviors can be prevented or corrected.

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To provide education is not just to provide a space in which students learn, it is also to provide the right environment and resources to facilitate learning. The purpose of this paper, therefore, is to provide the Ministry of Education with the information necessary for them to make sound decisions in a. Contracting the building to ensure that the design, layout and use of colour is conducive to learning and b. Selecting and providing teachers and other relevant human resources with the knowledge and understanding of nonverbal communication, use of the new layout, positive discipline and overall development of the students.

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An interpersonal communication essay should focus on verbal interaction between two or more individuals or an individual and a group. You can analyze interpersonal communication in your life, how you communicate with your parents and other family members, your friends and peers, authority figures like teachers and employers and complete strangers on the street or a bus. Also you can explore the phenomena of group perception, both from outside and inside of it. It could be much harder to convey your thoughts when you have to speak before thirty people rather than one. Share your experience, successful or not so much, and try to analyze and show principles of interpersonal communication that could be applied to your case.

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There are many factors that influence the effectiveness of the communication process between teachers and students. This essay will discuss the factor of power and.

Communication essay is interesting and easy to write if you are able to follow the guidelines from your teacher or professor.

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However, the teaching staff is our focus as we seek to improve the standard of education at primary level. Teachers should be made aware of non-verbal communication so that they may learn how to obtain accurate and useful information about their own behavior and its meaning to their students. They should also be familiar with the techniques of observing and detecting nonverbal information that is transmitted by students. (Galloway, C. M. 1972). For example, the variety of ways in which teacher and students walk, stand, or sit can all affect interpersonal perception.

Strong communication is fundamental to this partnership and to teacher preparation and professional development programs should actively

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Paralinguistic is a form of non-verbal communication that includes the vocal elements used when teaching a classroom (Danziger, K., 1988). Tone, pitch, rhythm, loudness and inflection are the five major elements one can use when speaking (Queen, J. 1995). In order to communicate best, it is most important to incorporate these elements. One of the major criticisms of teachers who speak in monotone is that they are perceived as being dull. Student’s interest lies in the teacher’s creditability and teachers who have learned how to modulate their voices are more often heard within their classroom (Queen, J. 1995).