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...Hannah Jones Foundations of Education Reflective Essay #1 The most important reason why I want to become an Elementary school teacher is because of the students. I have always loved being around young children. Especially once they start attending school. I love seeing how differently kids learn. I adore watching kids learn and get excited about learning new things. When I babysit this one boy, he is 7 years old, one of the first things he shows me when I walk in the door is his backpack filled with books, papers, tests, and the homework he wanted me to help him with. I thrive on watching this boy learn and grow. Knowing that school is fun and important to him makes me want to be a teacher someday, and it drives me to be the best teacher I can possibly be. The least important reason to me would be job autonomy and control. I really would not like to do the same thing, all day, every day. After a while, I would no longer enjoy doing that, and I would regret it. I plan on making my classroom fun and exciting for all of my students. I realize that a room full of young kids will be hard to control, but they are more fun than anyone else that I would rather deal with all day long. Some of the pros and cons of becoming a teacher are pretty drastic. Some of them I would not have been able to think of on my own if we had not gone over them in class. For example, one con of becoming a teacher is that with the economy the way it is, teaching jobs are very difficult...

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When my son was in second grade, he was a smart and capable student but didn't interact with peers at recess. I became concerned about this so I arrived at his conference determined to discuss it. While his teacher wanted to stick to the script about test results, I pushed her to discuss the recess situation until we reached an understanding. In today's climate, parents need to let teachers know they're concerned with their children's overall development, not just test scores.

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12 Jun 2016 Need to write an essay on why you want to become a teacher? Some people know which profession to choose from their earliest days of you might mention that this child helped you make your choice of a future career.

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Being an elementary school teacher is a highly rewarding profession. Building the academic foundation of young minds can be challenging, but is incredibly worthwhile. If you are considering becoming an elementary school teacher, here are the top ten reasons why you may want to take the leap into the classroom:

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I want to be a teacher because I know it is what I am going to love to do for the rest of my life. I will want to wake up every day and go to work to teach the children something new. I want to be able to put a smile on their face and love what I do for the rest of my life. I feel that being a teacher is so rewarding and is such a great profession to be involved in. I love to work with children and I feel that I have the qualities to make such a great teacher to children in the future!

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The majority of teachers enter the education profession because they want to make a difference in the world and their communities. This is a noble and valiant purpose that you should always keep in the forefront of your mind. No matter the challenges you face in the classroom, your work truly does have positive ramifications for your students, their families, and the future. Give your best to each student and watch them grow. This is truly the greatest gift of all.