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and i will NEVER forget the their/there/they’re homophones. my high school english teacher taught me that one and it stuck. she gave us all back our papers once, without grades on them, then wrote these words on the board, and we spent all day on it.

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The Teacher I Will Never Forget

6. Teachers don't actually hate you.
Just because Mrs. So-and-So took up your phone in class or Mr. Whoever failed to notice your raised hand before someone else's, it does not mean they hate you. Teachers have to abide by the rules, and just because a teacher does something you don't like does not at all mean they did it particularly out of spite. Maybe your teachers didn't mean to sound like they were snapping at you when they asked you to be quiet - maybe their fuse is just shortened (or burnt out) from a particular problem class earlier that day. Think about things before you say them. "Hate" is a strong word. Until you're looked in the eye and told "I hate you", you should never assume that someone "hates" you because they did something you wish they hadn't. Teachers are not "out to get you", either. They're out to get you better, yes, and they're out to get you to achieve your goals.

The first was my fourth-grade teacher, Mrs

For the teachers that have taught me these lessons and continue to pass this wonderful knowledge onto others, thank you. Thank you from the bottoms of the hearts of every student that walks through your door, understands a subject because you've helped them through, feels safe within your classroom, and enjoys learning because of you. Here's to the teachers that do more than just teach what they're required to by law, because important life lessons like these...well, they'll never be in the curriculum. You aren't required to teach them, and yet you do because you are just so dedicated to your students. So thank you for pushing on, day after day and year after year, to give your students the best possible education you can. Some of us may not tell you, but we really are thankful.

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Lou was like a father to me. I have never felt so perceived and loved for who I actually am by a man than by Lou Reed. He fought tirelessly for me to have a place in the daylight culture. My career would never have taken off without Lou's tremendous influence. Those close to Lou knew him as a lion-hearted and intensely caring friend. When discussing death a couple of weeks ago, he told me that I was focussed on the wrong thing. His goal especially recently has been to exercise his mental discipline to stay in the present and not be held hostage by fear of an illusory future. He faced death with dignity and courage, and even then remained a teacher and mentor to me. i miss him with all my heart. It is hard for me to reconcile that such a giant could really be gone. Antony October 28th 2013

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