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Nature is the incarnation of order and civilization, which could save people from degradation, and obviously nature has the cultivating function of a teacher. Furthermore, teacher is as pure, charming and refreshing as nature. The poet compared nature to a teacher to direct and save people. With this conceptual metaphor we can understand the real meaning that the poet wanted to express. Actually, metaphors help the reader explore their inner feelings and emotions. Without metaphor poetry would be extremely shallow. Shallow poetry is perhaps one of the most purposeless forms of writing available.

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These are just some the metaphors my colleagues’ used to describe themselves in the classroom. Our assignment today was to best describe a metaphor that describes us a teacher. We also identified which teaching orientations we practiced.

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During our discussions we realised that our teaching metaphor is not cast in stone. As you might consider yourself a gardener today and a drill master tomorrow. For me sometimes my teaching metaphor changes while teaching the same class. As unnecessary and loud disruptions begin, my soft and patient nature suddenly becomes hard and forceful. I am now considering weather or not this Jekyll and Hyde persona is helping my students to improve their growth or keeps boxed in. sure the noise is distracting, but what if I don’t stop them? What might happen after the laughing and singing? A discussion on the topic might begin. Some word, phrase or diagram that sir used might be interesting to them and they might start to talk about it. Through these interactions I feel that learning must be taking place. I should encourage this more in my classroom.

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My return to the classroom: As of 2011, I am back among the youthful minds of Northern Nevada; I have my very own batch of student writers again, which is so very wonderful. In truth, it has been a stressful-yet-thrilling experience to learn how to use my "teacher legs" again, if I can force a nautical metaphor into my Nevada-desert experience. My writer's workshop is already thriving (amazing how fast that set of skills comes back to you!), and I have also established a reading workshop for the very first time; I will be posting new materials from this new-to-me structure as my year progresses. I am teaching sixth, seventh, and eighth graders, all of whom I share with the same math, science, and social studies teacher at the middle school where we have set-up shop. I have never "teamed" before, and these three incredible teachers I share my students with are all so willing to use the writing across the curriculum methods suggested in Common Core State Standards. In the past, this website had been focused on the teachers/workshops I created for my fellow Nevada educators, but I have now begun the transformation to focus my website on my classroom, a high-functioning environment where students are allowed to explore themselves as readers and writers.

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Second, they are seen as underpinnings, even fundamental underpinnings, of culture (Eubanks, 1999: 430). 3. Study of metaphors in literary works from the perspective of cognitive linguistics ?? 3. 1 Study of metaphors in I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud from the perspective of Conceptual Metaphor Theory Wordsworth emphasized the metaphor “nature is a teacher” again and again in the poem I Wandered lonely as a Cloud. There are a lot of similarities between the Source Domain nature and the Target Domain teacher.