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I, too am a teacher and have been teaching for 37 years……I love my job but due too all of the goverment changes and putting us held accountable for the children we receive in our classrooms, is unheard of! I love teaching but the other challenges in education is where the teachers will have to decide if they are going to be able to stay in education! I can say that I had so many wonderful years in education and still do but the stress that they are putting on the teachers is unheard of. I, too spend LOTS of my own money on supplies, ink, copy paper and the children themselves! I buy books for them to read , make sure I have an extra snack for those who are hungry and try to meet the needs of all of them and even make them a photo memory of the year. And as for having the SUMMER off—no way…..we get out at the end of May and start the children arrive Aug. 8th and that does not take into account the time you spend in your classroom getting it ready fot the new year or the workshops you must attend on your own time in order to stay certified! So I guess I will get off my soapbox as I am retiring at the end of this year…not because I don’t love teaching or my children but that I am tired of fighting against the people who don’t understand teaching in the first place! Good luck to all of the GREAT teachers out there as I too won Teacher of the Year!

Duties of the National Teacher of the Year

President Obama presents the 2015 Teacher of the Year award to Shanna Peeples on April 29, 2015
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Peeples, along with the other three finalists – Ann Marie Corgill of Alabama, Catherine Caine of Hawaii, and Kathy Nimmer of Indiana – and all the state finalists, will be honored by President Obama at the White House this week. Peeples will then spend a year traveling the nation to represent educators and advocate on behalf of teachers. She also hopes to use the opportunity to shape the conversation about reaching students in poverty, as well as those who have faced other extreme challenges, with new and innovative teaching methods.

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Each year, CCSSO brings together a cohort of State Teachers of the Year from the 50 states, U.S. extra-state jurisdictions, the District of Columbia, and the Department of Defense Education Activity to participate in a year of professional learning through the National Teacher of the Year Program. Each state conducts a rigorous selection process to select their State Teacher of the Year.

The National Teacher of the Year candidate has the respect and admiration of their colleagues and:
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Surrounded by the eccentric faculty of Truman High School, Mitch Carter wins the California Teacher of the Year award and immediately receives a tempting offer that may force him to leave his job.

Texas Teacher Of The Year Essays

These organizations represent all the major, noncurricular-based, national associations representing the education profession. Because of the broad range of constituencies within these associations, their consensus view embodies what is current and needed in education. This consensus view truly makes their selection the nation's Teacher of the Year.

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I am proud of what I do and know that I work harder now, than I ever did as an administrator. If teachers filled out time cards, maybe others would see that our summer vacation is merely partial compensation for the many overtime hours throughout the school year. If teachers filled out expense records, maybe they would understand how much teachers spend for their training, classrooms and their students. But, sadly, I do not think politicians want to see the hard evidence of just how much teachers labor and how little financial compensation teachers actually receive.