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22. Follow some Youtube professional development channels. So many schools, organizations and teachers offer wonderful videos online to help you learn about teaching English. OUP, MacMillan, TEFL Videos to name a few.

Professional teaching standards.

Use of professional teaching standards by mentors and new teachers.

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Implementing One of the major key factors to having a highly successful and highly effective school is having a highly successful and highly effective staff. Teaching is a profession that requires instructors to stay informed about new and innovative teaching strategies and...

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50. Love Thyself and To Thy Own Self Be True. Key to any professional development as a teacher is to forgive yourself, the classes that didn’t work, the bad days. Keep positive and it will all work out! But at the same time, be honest with yourself.

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During my time on the PGDE Course both in University based learning, and more evidently during my Professional Practise placements, I have come to realise the significance of reflection within the teaching profession. Not only does reflecting on best practise benefit the children’s learning but also increases the teacher’s confidence and ability in making decisions and delivering lessons. ‘Reflective teaching is a great deal to do with facing such features of ourselves in a constructive and objective…

This essay will guide you through the expectations of a teacher as a professional, analysing roles, responsibilities and challenges. Boundaries faced and

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There are several considerations that a principal must make when planning professional development for the school. It is essential that a yearly master plan of the school’s professional development schedule be formulated to ensure adequate time is reserved. Concepts covered in professional development workshops should be developed over a period of time. Teachers need time to participate in multiple, interactive and collaborative experiences so that they new concepts become integrated into their practices as reading or hearing about new concepts is not enough to advance authentic learning.

Planning professional development of a school year should be a collaborative task. Principals should ensure that they...

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A well developed and comprehensive professional development program within a school enhances teacher quality and provides the opportunity for schools to increase their effectiveness. It is important that teachers constantly challenge themselves and ensure that they are lifelong learners who continuously examine their own assumptions, beliefs and practices. If teachers want to ensure that students have the knowledge, skills, and values needed to become successful adults, they too need to update their skills and knowledge periodically.

And, perhaps most importantly, this approach  by giving them control over when, where, and what their professional development looks like.

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This is a great list, written with love. I've done or still do a bunch of these, but would really emphasize #44 these days, which I hope to talk a bit about tomorrow at the webinar. I just did a Reflection/professional development session this morning at UIN Sunan Kalijaga in Indonesia recommending and demoing video reflection on teaching practice. Thanks for this page.