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Teacher should select one strong paper and one weaker paper to use for class demonstration. Prior to returning students’ papers, teacher should type the two selected essays. Teacher should use the TV monitor and computer to share these with the class. Teacher may ask one student to sit at computer to type any changes that are discussed and agreed upon. This activity is particularly beneficial to students. Students value learning from their peers. Also, this can be a tremendous confidence builder for students, provided the teacher and students respect the essayist’s anonymity. Suggested time: 45 minutes.

Professor asked the same question to a male student.

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As at many schools…teachers and administrators …prepare students for the tests. They analyze tests from previous years, which are made public, looking for which topics are asked about again and again. They say, for example, that the history tests inevitably include several questions about industrialization and the causes of the two world wars.

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A different kind of narrowing also takes place in reading instruction. Reading proficiency includes the ability to interpret written words by placing them in the context of broader background knowledge. Because children come to school with such wide variation in their background knowledge, test developers attempt to avoid unfairness by developing standardized exams using short, highly simplified texts. Test questions call for literal meaning – identifying the main idea, picking out details, getting events in the right order—but without requiring inferential or critical reading abilities that are an essential part of proficient reading. It is relatively easy for teachers to prepare students for such tests by drilling them in the mechanics of reading, but this behavior does not necessarily make them good readers. Children prepared for tests that sample only small parts of the curriculum and that focus excessively on mechanics are likely to learn test-taking skills in place of mathematical reasoning and reading for comprehension. Scores on such tests will then be “inflated,” because they suggest better mathematical and reading ability than is in fact the case.

Use these procedures for helping students revise an essay or story with dialogue.
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The research question concerns the relationship between the quality of the dialogues and the individual ability to take moral values and multiple perspectives into account, measured by the essay assignments. There are six variables that represent the quality of the dialogues, including three types of communicative acts that we consider to be important indications of co-construction processes: informative utterances, transformative utterances and checking utterances. The other three variables are value-related utterances, number of value-related themes and the level of participation asymmetry. The essay scoring produced a score for moral values and a score for multiple perspectives for each student. A multivariate multilevel analysis was performed (MLwiN 2.02: Rasbash et al. ) with the two essay scores for moral values and multiple perspectives as dependent variables. The essay scores were measured at the student level and students were nested in groups. Therefore, we performed multilevel models with two levels: student and group. To control for individual differences in reasoning skills and attitude towards dialogue, these variables were included in the analyses as covariates. A previous study revealed gender differences in students’ ability to justify an opinion (Schuitema et al. ). We, therefore, also controlled for gender. Because there were only five students with a non-Dutch ethnic identity, and to keep the model parsimonious, we decided to exclude ethnic identity from the analyses. Three models were fitted and compared. The first model was an empty model and included only the dependent variables. The covariates were added in the second model. In the last model, the six variables representing the quality for dialogue were added to the model. We used a forward stepwise procedure in which only significant variables were included in the model (see Snijders and Bosker ).

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Finally, besides structural features, the content of student dialogue is important for students to develop their own personal point of view. The different ideas and views students contribute to the dialogue should be supported with arguments (Chinn et al. ). The reasoning must be made explicit in the talk (Mercer et al. ). Erkens et al. () found that students who participated in groups that displayed more argumentative statements in their interaction wrote essays with better overall argumentation. In the context of citizenship education, ideas and views that students bring into the dialogue should be appraised and validated from the perspective of moral values (Veugelers ). Hence, the moral values that are at stake must be made explicit in the dialogue.

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