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The current study examines the English for Non-English Language Major (ENELM) courses in Armenia (which resembles both CBI and ESP in some aspects) to locate them in the scheme of ESP as it is taught around the world. It also surveys the existing attitudes towards this specialized English instruction among 80 students and 8 instructors in three American Universities: the Yerevan State Medical University, the Yerevan State Engineering University and the Yerevan State University. The questionnaire survey was designed to reveal attitudes towards the following: the importance of PE; the target needs of students in PE; the quality of PE course materials; students’ needs in each of the four language skills; students awareness of their PE course objectives; student participation in the discussing of the PE course objectives; and the influence of such participation on student learning. In addition instructor interviews were conducted. In order to get the necessary information to describe ENELM both in Soviet Armenia and in independent Armenia, as well as to explain the findings of the quantitative research.

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Small group instruction has been extensively implemented in the Intensive English Program of the American University of Armenia to prepare students for the university content courses where cooperative small group learning is widely used. This study investigated IEP students’ perceptions of this instructional format to determine how it affects students’ learning and what problems they see in regard to it in order for the faculty to respond to students’ concerns. The issues addressed were how students conceptualize the purpose of small group learning, their learning style preferences, the most successful small group tasks, and the usefulness of small group learning for the enhancement of students’ social skills, higher order thinking, psychological wellbeing and learning English.

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This study investigated the effects of practice in retelling stories on the improvement of students’ oral proficiency. The subjects in this study were 30 students (9-15 age range) of English language courses of the Experimental English Classes in the American University of Armenia. Students were beginner language learners. At each of the 17 sessions, the subjects listened to the teacher telling a story and then they retold the story. At the beginning of the two- month semester, the students took an oral test which aimed to evaluate their oral proficiency before the treatment. Besides the pre-test there was a post- test with the same procedures.

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This paper investigates scoring rubrics for speaking skills and teachers’ and students’ perception of the rubrics. For this purpose, scoring rubrics for speaking skills and teachers’ and students’ perception of the rubrics are investigated by means of a student and a teacher questionnaire, as well as a teacher interview. The research was conducted in the Intensive English Program (IEP) of the Department of English Programs at the American University of Armenia. Forty-eight students and nine teachers participated in the study. Students were provided with a scoring rubric checklist and after doing an oral presentation for their class, they completed a survey on their use and perceptions of the rubrics. Students also used the rubrics to self-assess and peer evaluate their presentation. Nine teachers completed a questionnaire and four of them participated in the interviews.

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The purpose of the current paper is to investigate whether and to what extent formative assessment influenced the EFL learners’ vocabulary enhancement. It also aimed at determining the students’ attitudes towards using formative assessment in the vocabulary learning process. The study was carried out in the Experimental English Classes (EEC), Department of English Programs (DEP) at the American University of Armenia (AUA). Two groups were involved in the study, the experimental and the comparison. The experimental group practiced the vocabulary with the help of formative assessment, whereas for the comparison group traditional exercises and activities were implemented.