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- Teacher term papers discuss the teacher certification process and look into the various levels of education teachers are involved in such as Early, Primary, Secondary, and Post-Secondary Education.

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Gun control is a very controversial issue, especially when it comes to the subject of guns in schools. Many people believe that allowing teachers or anyone over the age of 21 to carry a gun onto a college campus is perfectly reasonable. They believe that it allows for protection of oneself and self-defense of others. Other people believe that guns should not be allowed in schools at all. They believe that it would end badly for everyone involved. I am one of the latter. In this essay I will review points to prove that neither students or teachers should be allowed to carry guns into college campuses.
My first point on the subject of guns in college is campuses is simply this. Where does it stop? If we allow teachers and students to carry guns on college campuses then why not in high schools? What about middle schools? Many of the public education centers tend to follow suit from the colleges. The colleges set the precedent. When colleges get guards, public schools get guards. As of right now, many schools have metal detectors and random searches before you can enter, but if we allow teachers to carry guns then the safety precautions are useless measures. If the teacher carries a gun in, what is to stop a student from taking the gun and using it? The answer is nothing.
My second point on the guns in colleges is training. Just because someone is allowed to carry a gun doesn't necessarily mean that they know how to utilize it properly. I know of many people that own guns but have never even shot one. Quite a few people are unable to even point out where the safety is located on the gun. Without training and practice, an amateur using a gun to protect is more dangerous than someone using iut harm. If you shoot a gun you need to be prepared for the recoil, know how to aim, the proper stance, and milieu of other items of knowledge. An amateur carrying gun doesn't know this. A teacher who has a gun but never shot the gun is just as likely to...

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- Teachers Unions essays look into the unions that fight for the rights of teachers.

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So why do we find the elimination of standards for teacher education in the ESSA so troubling?

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Education thus becomes an act of depositing, in which the students are depositories and the teacher is the depositor. Instead of communicating, the. Once the topic for an essay is selected, another problem. It is not so easy to choose proper essay topics. Verb agreement and use of articles to exercises in parallel structures and argumentative essays. Digital handouts on grammar and English usage.

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Moreover, teachers are required in the learning process because they acknowledge some students’ deficiencies and help them to solve their problems by repeating the same explanation, giving extra exercises or even suggesting a private tutor. Hence, students can have a better chance of avoiding a failure in a subject.

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