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IELTS Essay Topic: We are becoming increasingly dependent on computers. The blind, the deaf are expectant of revolutions of computer technology.

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The model of monolithic classroom instruction from the late 1800s just wasn’t designed to allow teachers to meet 21st-century expectations. In fact, traditional classrooms were designed to prepare students for jobs in an industrial economy of the past. To meet this end, the system was set up to process seemingly homogeneous batches of similarly aged students through one-size-fits-all instruction. Undifferentiated instruction was acceptable back then because students only needed to understand math, science, and literature at a C or D level in order to “pass quality control,” receive their diplomas, and enter the workforce. Teaching might have been a reasonably manageable job back when these assumptions held true, but in the knowledge-based economy of today, the assumptions no longer hold and teaching becomes a heroic job. Despite the incredible challenges we face in providing good teachers at scale, there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. The educators, innovators, and entrepreneurs that are now experimenting with blended learning are completely redesigning our models of instruction. Rather than merely layering technology on top of traditional classrooms, they are leveraging technology to transform the role of teachers, accelerate student learning, and magnify the impact of educators. Blended learning allows much of the work of basic instruction—like drilling multiplication tables or reviewing vocabulary words—to be offloaded to computers so that teachers can focus on the aspects of teaching that they find most rewarding, such as mentoring students and facilitating exploratory learning projects. Properly implemented blended learning does not eliminate teachers, but instead eliminates some of the job functions that teachers find most onerous. Technology will not improve our education system if we marginalize or eliminate teachers. Likewise, our education system will not meet modern needs at scale until we innovate beyond the factory-model classroom. Innovation may lead us to classroom setups and teacher roles that look very different from today, but a human element will always be an essential part of the equation. By framing the debate as technology vs. teachers, we create a false dichotomy. Instead, our conversations should focus on finding ways to let technology do what it does best so that we can leverage teachers to do what they do

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The first step is to educate the educators. A surprising number of have very limited computer and technological skills. It is ridiculous to think that someone who is technologically inexperienced could teach a lesson involving multimedia presentations or computer simulations. The first standard of the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) states that teachers need to “demonstrate introductory knowledge, skills, and understanding of concepts related to technology” (NETS 9) There are eight basic types of technology with which educators need to be familiar. Each one provides a different educational benefit. A word processor encourages editing. Multimedia presentation software provides for different learning styles. Drill and practice software helps to reinforce things that the students have learned. A database helps students find the information that they need. Simulations provide a fun and to learn, in which students take on roles in a story or event. Spreadsheets allow the user to perform several calculations at the same time for easy comparison. Tutorials work well for a group with diverse learning abilities because it provides self-paced instruction. The eighth and final basic technology type is telecollaboration over the internet. This allows students to experience parts of the world that they may never see. With all this technology available the question becomes, how are the teachers going to learn to use it all?

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The second type of technology team is the committee of teachers with extensive computer knowledge. Like the full-time staff, they are expected to instruct students, collaborate with teachers, and maintain technology. However, as regular teachers they are also expected to manage their own classroom as usual. This is obviously a difficult task. Despite its downfalls there are perks to having teachers work in a committee to implement technology. When put in charge of something one is expected to have a firm grasp on the concept. Therefore, giving teachers the responsibility of leading the school in technological advancement, encourages them to learn more and more about using technology in the classroom. They become less dependent on the technology staff. Another benefit of teachers being in charge of the technology is that they inevitably know more about the curriculum and the student needs than a technology staff. The teachers will be able to take into account particular learner needs and topics to be covered when they are integrating technology into the classroom.

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