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Now, I’m not using this post to launch a moral crusade about the dying art of the thank-you note; rather, I think it’s important to recognize that now more than ever, applying to college, business school, graduate school, or any other educational institution is in many ways a collaborative process. Between researching dozens (if not hundreds) of schools, preparing for and taking standardized tests, securing letters of recommendation, authoring multiple essays, paying fees, and completing financial-aid paperwork, it is virtually impossible to complete an application today singlehandedly. One applicant may receive vital assistance from multiple teachers, parents, guidance counselors, and coworkers, among others.

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Not only will you feel good after writing the thank you note, the person who receives it will too. During the college planning process it's important to acknowledge people who have helped you because many teachers, coaches and counselors are pressed for time and they often go unappreciated. Plus, if you ever need help, or they do, showing how grateful you are will facilitate more communication or future opportunities later.

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Thank you! Preaching to the choir! You asked in the comments how to teach this to ESL students. Well, that's my job, and the answer for me is to teach genres not modes, which is essentially what you did with the history professor you mentioned. Find good models, deconstruct them to find the stages of meaning, and then scaffold the writing, leading to independent mastery. This answers the question posted above about what goes "in the middle." There's some great research to show that university instructors define assignments like "essay" and "research paper" in all sorts of different ways. Students need the skills to analyze and respond in multiple genres, not the "limited literacy" (Linda Flowers' term) of the 5-paragraph pseudo-genre.

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After you read over what you wrote in your rough draft, edit anything that was unnecessary and fix any mistakes. Copy your text over to your thank you note and write neatly. Reread the thank you note and make sure you've spelled things correctly, including your teacher's name (or whoever you wrote the note for).

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That was Neal’s last lesson. That example. To let us see life in that rich tally—an accumulation of gratitude deserved and expressed. I got a chance to thank Neal, and it makes me think of other teachers to whom I am grateful—Bonnie Mazziotta, Sally Selby, Juan Jewell, George Lang, Ellis Turner, Susan Banker, JoAnne Lanouette, Harold Kolb and Anthony Winner. I carry with me what they have given by their instruction and their example. Perhaps you have teachers like that in your life. Write them. Be clear and direct. Tell them “thank you.”