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worst (in every way) teacher.
was the FIRST biology teacher I had in high school. Just a jerk, didnt answer questions when he didnt want to and would be corrected sometimes and then would just... ugh. Bad times.

My worst teacher was in grade 7-Miss Simpson.

Hmm... I've had a lot of terrible teachers, but 3rd grade was probably the worst.

That was the worst experience that I had until now with a teacher.

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For this little reason , she became in The Worst Teacher I've Ever Had ! :@
Worst of all is that this kind of teachers not only make you NERVOUS but also frustrate you !

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Well I guess it's my turn, though I really can't complain compared to some of the horrific stories I've heard here.
I think my year 7 English teacher was the worst teacher I've encountered so far. In one year I didn't learn a single thing about the subject and I gained absolutely no skill whatsoever. Towards the end of the year (the year mostly consisted of arsing around with a diluted media studies course.) she hit us over the head in the form of a test with no prior practice and unsurprisingly I recieved the worst exam mark I got in my entire life (60%). Not only that, she couldn't even indentify the problem! She blamed the length of the witten task which I lost around eight marks on, blatentely ignoring the fact I got an aweful mark in the comprehension. Considering the fact in year 3 I was writing at a year 5 level, this was a massive down turn to say the least. This wasn't even the worst part, the teachers swap classes anually and I just happened to move class in year eight and you can guess who I got. When I moved schools (for unrelated reasons) I swear I learned more in one term than I did in two entire years with *insert name here*.
I have to admit she was a likeable person, not too strict but could control the class yet she just seemed to have mixed priorities.
Who else was bad... I suppose my early nursery teachers to secondary school were pretty mediocre, my reception teachers accused me for "going too fast for the other students" for not using the phonetic alphabet (Not to my face but at a parents evening.)
Oh and most subs, they can't control a class to save thier lives which is pretty ironic considering the best teacher I've ever met was a substitute.
(I believe my first and second story excuses me for any spelling and grammatical mistakes, yes?)

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The worst though was they way he treated his wife. His wife was our History teacher. She was the complete opposite, perhaps a bit boring. To be fair I never liked the subject but it was compulsory. One day during our history class he just came into our class and accused her of being in the wrong class. He made her leave. He was actually wrong. It was time for History not English. She looked so scared of him. Honestly I think he used to abuse her, if not physically then emotionally. The wife died later in the year and when he did not come back I did not miss him at all!