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What makes a good teacher is how they grade and the homework they give. The amount of home work a teacher gives a week should be 1 to 2 days not 5 days. There should be only 1 test/quiz a week.

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To me what makes a good teacher is the how they grade, no grudges against students and to be able to do what is right at the right time. There are many ways that teachers can be good teachers these are just three. There are many more like knowing what to do next, planning on what your doing and how many lessons you need. This is what I think is a great teacher

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What makes a good or not a good teacher is a huge question. I’m very interested in continuing an ongoing research on teacher and student disposition to improve my own teaching. If you have a recipe that works for you, please share. I just don’t know if I can come up with a one size fits all list. If you are interested in conducting the research with me, please email me at

What makes a great teacher?

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