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I think on of the new term I hear now is that more and more teachers are unable to retire in this profession. When I was you and fit thru my 40’s I survived, but once I hit my 50’s it was a game changer. The new demands of teaching with age took its toll. I quickly understand why teachers can’t retire anymore. Teachers that move into administrative positions can retire with much higher retirement returns. The majority left to compete with all the new demands of teachers today really need to prepare for a tough road as you age. The stamina needed is just not there no matter what you do. I love my children, look forward to the everyday. They are not the problem compared to everything else. Parents are getting savvy to working the system too. They know public schools and administrators are becoming more aware of satisfying them, and teachers are about the only scapegoat right now.

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I don’t doubt it, but my site focuses on the lives of teachers because it’s what I know.

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The most rewarding career in the world is to be an educator. But to be a special education teacher is even more rewarding. Every student has a right to an education and has a right to thrive in their educational career. Every student has the potential to make their dreams come true. No disability should ever prohibit a student from the very best education possible. I would like to be a special education teacher because I want to make a difference. I want every student to feel that they are worth they are with it and that somebody will always believe in them be his or her number one fan!

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My mother was a special education teacher for many years. She is a great influence and a large reason why I also want to teach students with disabilities. My mother would come home from a long day at school, sit on her bed, make lesson plans, create worksheets and even design new techniques for her students. This is an expectation for any teacher, but the amount of work, dedication and love she put into her career was extremely inspiring for me to witness. Her loving, caring and sincere personality captured the hearts and minds of her students. My mom fell in love with each of her students and figured out a way to teach each one in their own way. Not only did she love her job, but her students loved her. To this day, she is still in contact with several of her students and their families.

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27 Feb 2015 It's probably no surprise then that a recent survey of more than 800 teachers found these top five reasons why teaching is a Why I Chose Teaching As A Career Essay great career: 1.
If you are not a teacher why are you commenting on this post? You have no idea what our job is like!

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If “something” needs to be fixed (changed and controlled by the administration). It is always teachers because we are controllable. Parents, students, and/or school boards cannot be controlled. Teachers are like caged animals with all outside poking at us.

I hope she doesn’t decide to teach her own child because she doesn’t know the difference between quite and quiet.

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This is the website for information about the. Some of the many benefits. FE and Skills sector in England. Teaching is a challenging job with many unique frustrations, but the rewards of teaching are numerable. Ontario College of Teachers to teach in this province. Why Consider Becoming a Teacher. Here you will find information about becoming a teacher, incentives for training.

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...Why I Want To Become A Teacher Philosophy of Education / Why I want to become a teacher? Philosophies vary from time to time because we live in a world that moves at a very fast pace, and we have to move our ideas with it. I have pursued a BA in Communications and a MA in Secondary Education with a concentration in educational technology. Now, I teach with my English minor, and I absolutely love it. As an educator, I want prepare students not only for college, but for the world we live in today. My philosophy of education is very simple. I believe that learning should be fun while still conducive to learning! I am also a firm advocate of the 21st century learning tools and strategies; I want to show students to take advantage of all the tools that are accessible for them to use to enhance their education. During the pursuit of my degree, I was very fortunate to have an array of different teachers with different teaching styles and different philosophies. However, I was fortunate to have had a few very special teachers who passionately touched my life and whom I’ll never forget. Their contributions and works are quite an inspiration in my career. In putting together this philosophy my purpose is to put together a philosophy that stands on a plan that I believe will most successfully engage real world learning. I strongly believe that engaging students in real-life lessons and hands on activities gives you an opportunity as an educator to make......